1st Bull Run/Manassas

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Notes: Civil War Battles Timeline

  1. 1st Bull Run/Manassas, VA: Confederate Victory

    1. “Stonewall” Jackson earns his nickname here for his troops string resistance to Union forces.

    2. Southerner’s grow conceited, believing that the War will only take weeks to finish

  1. Seven Days’ battles, VA: June 25-July 1, 1862

    1. Lee drives McClellan away from Richmond-McClellan cast aside

  1. Forts Henry and Donelson, TN: February 1862, Union Victory

    1. Grant captures the Forts on the Cumberland River, piercing Confederate defenses

  1. Shiloh, TN: April 6, 1862, Union Victory

    1. Grant boldly moves west to Corinth, MS to take railroad junction. Surprise attack by Confederate Gen. Johnston.

    2. Great loss of life on both sides, looks like Grant may lose, but he holds on for re-enforcements.

    3. Some people call for Grant’s removal after this blunder.

  1. Battle of New Orleans: LA, Spring 1862, Union occupation of NOLA

    1. Admiral Farragut launches an attack to capture the port city.

  1. 2nd Bull Run/Manassas: VA, August 29-30, 1862 Confederate victory

    1. Lee defeats Pope, as a result Lincoln, reluctantly reinstates McClellan as a Union General

  1. Battle of Sharpsburg/Antietam: MD, September 17, 1862, Stalemate/Union Victory (cause Lee’s retreat)

    1. McClellan finds Lee’s battle strategy on a sheet of paper wrapped around cigars.

    2. Lee’s army is pushed back across the Potomac, back to Virginia.

    3. Bloodiest Single day of Battle in the War

    4. Confederacy loses chances of gaining British and French recognition, which may have drastically altered the outcome of the war.

    5. Emancipation Proclamation shortly after this battle

  1. Battle of Fredericksburg: VA, December 13, 1862, Confederate victory

    1. McClellan has been replaced, after Antietam, with Burnside.

    2. At Fredericksburg, Burnside looses 10,000 men trying to move Lee from his defensive position.

    3. After a less damaging campaign at Christmas, Burnside is replaced by Hooker.

  1. Battle of Chancellorsville: VA, May 2-4, 1863, Confederate Victory

    1. As Hooker tries to remove Lee from his position in Fredericksburg, he brings on the Battle of Chancellorsville

    2. Lee, who is outnumbered, sends his flanks, led by Stonewall Jackson, to attack ‘fighting Joe’ Hooker from the right, catching him completely off guard.

    3. Stonewall Jackson is mistaken for the enemy and killed by his own men-a dire loss for the Confederacy.

  1. Battle of Gettysburg: PA, July 1-3, 1863, Union victory

    1. Lee feels pressure to launch another invasion to the North

    2. He tries to dislodge Meade from his position on Cemetery Ridge.

    3. Day 3 of the Battle: Pickett leads a group of 15,000 men against Union lines, a brave move that resulted in large casualties for the Confederacy, who retreat to Virginia

    4. Last major offensive by Lee

  1. Battle of Vicksburg: MS, May-July 4, 1863, Union victory, called the “Gibraltar of the Confederacy”

    1. The last remaining route in the Confederacy to the western regions

    2. Surrender the day after Lee in Gettysburg and with the victory in Port Hudson, 5 days later the Union has control of the Mississippi River.

  1. Battle of Chickamauga: GA, 1863, Confederate Victory

    1. Union army nearly annihilated, who fled to Chattanooga

  1. Battle of Chattanooga: TN, 1863 Union victory

    1. Grant has come to aid to rescue trapped Union army

    2. Grant seizes the city, Confederate’s retreat to GA

  1. Sherman’s ‘March to the Sea”: GA, SC, VA, Union victories fall of 1864- spring of 1865

    1. Sherman is part of an operation to attack Georgia-seize rail-center in Atlanta

    2. J. Davis puts in Hood in control to attack Sherman-attacks Sherman directly-badly mauls the Confederate army and Sherman is able to capture Atlanta.

    3. Atlanta ensure Lincoln’s election in 1864

    4. Sherman continues to Savannah, then to Columbia, SC, and finally to rejoin Grant in Virginia.

    5. As Sherman moves his “bummers” strip the land of food and destroy anything of military value, upon hearing of this, Confederate men flee the army to return home to their families.

    6. Sherman heads to Columbia, SC for retribution to the state that initiated the war

  1. Virginia: fall of 1864- spring of 1865

    1. Grant continues to attack Lee’s army, losing nearly 50,000 men (casualties)

    2. In the Shenandoah Valley, Sheridan is so ruthless it is said that a crow would have to carry its own supplies.

    3. Spring of 1865 Grant broke through Lee’s lines at Petersburg and gave the Union army the prize of Richmond.

    4. Lee moves westward toward Appomattox Court House, VA where he is trapped. Lee formally surrenders April 9th, 1865.

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