America in History 0 Mr. Hammer -chapter 13 The Cold War Begins The Origins of the

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America in History 4.0

Mr. Hammer -Chapter 13 The Cold War Begins

The Origins of the Cold War (Pages 318-322)

Explain how the Dumbarton Oaks and Yalta Conferences attempted to shape the post-war world

  • Describe how the Potsdam Conference furthered increased tension between the US & USSR

Building a New World

1.) What decisions were made at Yalta?

2.) What role did the decisions from Yalta play in the emergence of the Cold War?

3.) Whys did the Allied victory and the creation of the UN not lead to a more peaceful world as President Roosevelt had hoped?

Truman Takes Control

4.) What was decided at the Potsdam Conference?

5.) What did the countries of Eastern Europe come to be called and why?

6.) Explain why Churchill used to the term “Iron Curtain” to describe the division of Europe?

The Early Cold War Years (Pages 323-329)

Explain the Policy of Containment

Containing Communism

7.) What was the US policy of Containment?

8.) What was the goal of the Truman Doctrine?

9.) Why was the Marshall Plan proposed?

10.) What caused Stalin to close access to West Berlin?

11.) How did the Allies get supplies to West Berlin?

12.) Why was the NATO alliance formed?
Developments in Asia & the Korean War

13.) What was the outcome of the civil war in China?

14.) Why did the fall of China to the communists shock Americans at the time?

15.) How did Korea become divided into two countries?

16.) What was the outcome of the Korean War?

17.) Why did Truman want to fight a limited war in Korea?

The Cold War and American Society (Pages 330-334)


*Describe how the Red Scare impacted the US

* Explain how Senator McCarthy’s accusations of Communist influence

effected domestic life
A New Red Scare

18.) What was the significance of Truman’s Loyalty review program?

19.) Why did HUAC target Hollywood in its’ investigation of Communism in America?

20.) How did the feelings of fear contribute to McCarthy’s popularity and support?

Life during the Cold War

21.) How did the Cold War affect popular culture in the 1950’s?

Eisenhower’s Cold War Policies (Pages 335-339)

Objectives: *Contrast Eisenhower’s military policies with those of Truman
*Explain why Eisenhower wanted to use covert operations to combat the spread of communism
22.) What was a possible strength of IKE’s Brinksmanship Foreign Policy? What was a weakness?

23.) How did covert operations support IKE’s Foreign Policy?

24.) Why did the launch of Sputnik worry Americans?

25.) What was IKE’s view of future peace prospects when he left office? What warning did he issue?

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