America in History 0 Mr. Hammer -chapter 14 Post War America Truman & ike

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America in History 4.0

Mr. Hammer -Chapter 14 - Post War America

Truman & IKE (Pages 344-348)

Explain how the Truman Administration sought to continue New Deal Goals

Return to a Peace Time Economy

1.) What did many Americans fear after WWII?

2.) How did the GI Bill help Veterans of WWII?

3.) What was the difference between an open shop and a Union shop?

Truman’s Program

4.) What were some proposals that Truman sent to Congress?

5.) How did Truman come back and win the Presidential election of 1948?

6.) What were some items Congress failed to pass in Truman’s Fear Deal?

The IKE Years

7.) What was the meaning of Dynamic Conservatism??

8.) What was the largest public works project in American History?

9.) What conservative measures did IKE take during his presidency?

The Affluent Society Society (Pages 349-354)


*Describe how American lives changed after WWII

* Explain how technological advancements changed society

* Explain how young people of the 1950’s developed their own culture
Growth of Suburbia & The Baby Boom

10.) What were some reasons for the growth of the American suburbs?

11.) What were some factors that contributed to the baby -boom in America?

12.) What was the difference between a white collar & Blue collar job?

13.) What was a multinational corporation? Give an example of one from today.

14.) What was a franchise? Give an example of one from today.

Scientific Advances

15.) Identify one technological & one Medical breakthrough from the 1950’s

Rock & Roll & Poetry

16.) How did Rock ‘n Roll & the Beats contribute to a generation or values gap?

The Other Side of American Like (Pages 355-357)

Objectives: *Identify groups that were denied the American Dream in the 1950’s
*Cite what factors were blamed for the rise in juvenile delinquency
17.) How did the causes of poverty for Appalachians differ from the causes of Native American poverty during the 1950’s?

18.) Why did some people stereotype certain young people as juvenile delinquents?

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