America in History 0 Mr. Hammer -chapter 16 – The Civil Rights Movement The Movement Begins

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America in History 4.0

Mr. Hammer -Chapter 16 – The Civil Rights Movement

The Movement Begins (Pages 380-385)

Explain why the Civil Rights Movement made gains during the Post-War period

  • Describe the events that motivated people to make changes in society

Origins of the Movement

1.) Why do you think African Americas believed that the policy of “separate but equal” was unfair?

2.) What was de facto segregation?

3.) How did African Americans use the courts to fight segregation?

4.) What was decided in the Brown vs Education decision?
The Civil Rights Movement Begins

5.) How did the Montgomery Bus Boycott create as mass movement of change?

6) How did Southern African American Churches assist in the movment?

IKE Responds

6.) What was the role of Governor Faubus in Little Rock?

7.) What did IKE do to respond the challenge of the federal court order?

8.) Why did IKE intervene in the Little Rock controversy?

Challenging Segregation (Pages 386-391)


*Explain the goals of SNCC

* Explain how the Justice Department under JFK supported the Movement

* Cite the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 & The Voting Rights Act 1965
The Sit- In Movement

9.) Why do you think the Sit-in Movement grew so quickly?

10.) Why were SNCC organizers willing to put themselves at such risk?
The Freedom Riders

12.) What were the goals of the Freedom Riders?

13.) How were they greeted in Alabama?.

14.) Why did JFK reluctant to address Civil Rights issues?

15.) How did the Kennedy administration contribute to the advancement of Civil Rights?
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
16.)How did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 allow the Federal Government to fight racial discrimination?
The Struggle for Voting Rights

17.) What happen in Selma, Alabama on “Bloody Sunday”?

18.) What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 allow the Federal Gov. to do?

New Civil Rights Issues (Pages 392-395)

Objectives: Explain why riots broke out in US Cities in the late 1960’s
*Explain why so many African Americans joined the Black Power Movement
19.) Did legislative gains solve the problem of racism? Explain your answer

20.) In what ways did poverty contribute to the racial divide?

21).) How did the Black Power Movement lead African Americans away from Dr. King’s message of non-violent disobedience and the goal of integration?

22.) How did Dr. King’s death affect the Civil Rights Movement?

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