Analyzing the experiments of Francesco Redi and Louis Pasteur

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Analyzing the experiments of Francesco Redi and Louis Pasteur


         View the online animation found at the following link: (link is also posted on my website).

         Answer the following questions about the online tutorial. Remember you can pause at any time and/or backup to review material more closely.


1.       The beginning of the tutorial shows microorganisms growing on the meat that is left out. Look up the definition of microorganism on and write the definition.


2.       What is spontaneous generation?


3.       What was Redi’s initial observation


4.       What questions did he ask?



5.       What was his hypothesis?



Redi’s Experiment:

6.       What was different about the three jars that Redi set up? Be specific.


7.       What were all three jars exposed to? ____________________________

8.       What happened in each jar?


9.       How did Redi’s experiment disprove spontaneous generation?


Pasteur’s experiment:

10.   What was Pasteur’s hypothesis?


11.   What was different about the two flasks that Pasteur used?


12.   Why did Pasteur boil the broth?


13.   What did Pasteur find when he checked the flasks after several days?


14.   The tutorial mentions that the swan neck flask remained sterile. Go to and look up the definition of sterile and write it down.

15. Why did the straight necked flask grow microorganisms?


15.   How did the swan neck flask prevent microorganism growth?


16.   How did Pasteur’s experiment disprove spontaneous generation?



Download 13.08 Kb.

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