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by John Clark

copyright John Clark 1989-1999
Department of Art History & Theory, Mills Building, fax 61-2-351-4212

University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia.

This a teaching bibliography which has been established over a number of years with Australian students who have no access to vernacular language materials in mind. It is usually updated every year, but such updating and the range of detail of course varies with particular interests. Please contact the author at the address above with any notable omissions, especially if you can do so on with additions on computer disk, and particularly if the text is available in Australia or has reasonable international circulation. Some countries like Japan often have material in English in obscure academic journals, and some countries where English is an official language like India or the Philippines have extensive writing on - or texts relevant to - the understanding of modern art which are nonetheless difficult to access abroad because of small-volume and / or coterie circulation at home.

Entry is by Country, Topic, and Artist. In some section which give works on specific artists, authors follow the name of the work or artist. Artists who cross cultural boundaries are generally given under contemporary art sections by their culture of origination, although there are no hard and fast rules for such affiiliation, and some categories of overseas artists have been generated where there is sufficient material.There has been no attempt to restrict the bibliography to books alone, but obviously it is not possible to include too many journal articles, book reviews, or notes on particular exhibitions. Catalogues are usually included if little other material is available on a given artist or if they contain general essays. Since some works not dealing specifically with modern art also refer to its important proto-history in the 19th and early 20th centuries, they are also included here. In general this bibliography seeks a balance between art historical quality, availability, and relevance. Thus texts of inadequate analytical or art historical reference have sometimes been included since for some art cultures there is little other work available. It would also not have been possible to include reference to all the relevant material in the languages of each area, but some major or available works with short texts or plate lists in European languages are given. However, diacritics are not used. Many areas like modern history or writings on modern culture including literature are included on an ad hoc basis where these are available and seem useful. Further suggestions for inclusion of materials adjacent to the field are welcome.Works given are mostly those available in Australia and chiefly at the Australian National University Library, National Library of Australia, The Canberra School of Art Library, University of Sydney Library and private sources in Canberra and Sydney. In the Sydney area, after holdings of the University of Sydney Fisher Library and Power Research Library, the best source for some of this material is probably the Art Gallery of New South Wales library which may be used for reference during weekdays. There are also quite extensive holdings at the State Library of New South Wales, especially of pre-Second World War books on India including important Indian art journals. The University of Western Sydney, Nepean, has limited holdings in this area. In addition, some university teachers and other scholars may be approached to see materials in their personal libraries.
I am grateful to Michael Fitzhenry for his asssistance in updating this bibliography in 1999.

Check Power Research Library desk copy of this bibliography for some location classification codes, but please be aware these are so various as to make accurate and complete undating infeasible without extensive use of scarce librarian resources.




2. CHINA-GENERAL 2-a. General Problems of Modernity and Art 2-b. Chinacoast and Trade Paintings 2-c. Photography in China

3. CHINA-HONG KONG AND MACAO 3-a. General 3-b. Hong Kong Ink Painting 3-c. Oil painting, photography, prints and mixed media 3-d. Sculpture and Ceramics

4. CHINA: REPUBLICAN CHINA ON THE MAINLAND AND THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA 4-a. Albums 4-b. General historical works 4-c. Works on particular artists 4-d.1. Late Qing and Republican China Before 1949 4-d.2. Wartime Period and Yan ‘an Base Areas [see also 4.k] 4-f. 1949-1966 4-g. Selected comparative texts on Socialist Realism 4-h. 1966-1976 4-i. 1976-1989 4-j. Art since 1989 4.k Selected Exhibitions outside China 4-l. Chinese Graphic Art since the late 19th century to 1949 4-m. Chinese Graphic Art after 1949 4-n. Selected works on Modern Chinese Intellectual and Political History before 1949 4-o. Selected works on Modern Chinese Intellectual and Political History after 1949 4-p

5. CHINA-TAIWAN/REPUBLIC OF CHINA 5-a. General Works 5-b. Works on Particular Artists 5-c. Albums 5-d Political and Intellectual History of Taiwan

6. CHINA-OVERSEAS 6-a. General Works 6-b. Particular artists

7. JAPAN 7-a. General Works 7-b. Europeans in Meiji Japan 7-c. Japonisme 7-d. Works on particular artists 7-e. Photography 7-f. Japanese Film and Television 7-g. Modern Art by Period and Topic 7-g.1. Meiji Art and Interaction with the ‘West’ 7-g.2 Nihonga: painting in ‘traditional’ Japanese style since Meiji 7g.3. Japanese Prints since Meiji 7-g.4. Painting and the Avant-Garde, 1910s to 1940s 7-g.5. Art since 1945, In General 7-g.6. 1945 to 1960s 7-g.7. 1970s-1980s 7-g.8. 1990s, New Media 7-h. Crafts and Modern Design 7-i. Modern Architecture 7-i.1. Domestic Architecture / The Japanese House 7-i.2. Japanese Cities [all periods] 7-i.3. General texts on Modern Architecture 7-i.4. Meiji 7-i.5. Taishô and Early Shôwa 7-i.6. Since 1945 7-j. Planning, Science, Technology and their Japanese Representation 7-k. Modern visual and popular culture including comics 7-l. Selected works on modern Japanese cultural, social and intellectual history

8. KOREA-REPUBLIC OF KOREA 8-a. General works 8.b. 1980s and 1990s


10.a As a region


12. LAOS


14. VIETNAM 14.a. In General 14.b. Cultural and Historical Background

15. INDONESIA 15-a. General Works 15-b. Art from late 19th century to 1945 15-c. Art from 1945-1965 15-d. Art since 1965 15-e. Art in the 1990s 15-f. Bali 15-g. Works on particular artists 15-h. European images of S.E.Asia and Indonesia

16.1 MALAYSIA 16.1.a General works 16.1-b Works on particular Artists

16.2 SINGAPORE 16.2-a General works 16.2-b Works on particular artists 16.3 Works on History and Culture in Malaysia and Singapore

17.THAILAND 17-a. Historical Context 17-a.1. Ayuthaya 17-a.2. 1780s to 1910s [Rama I to Rama V] 17-a.3. 1910s to 1940s [Rama VI to Rama VIII] 17-a.4. 1950s to present [Rama IX] 17-a.5. Thai history overall and general texts 17-b. Politics and Society 17-c.1. General texts on Pre-Modern Thai Art 17-c.2. Texts on Pre-Modern Thai Painting 17-d. Art in the 19th and early 20th centuries 17-e. General works on neo-traditional art [plus group catalogues] 17-f. Works and catalogues of neo-traditional artists and sites 17-g. Works and catalogues on modern artists 17.h.Group catalogues 17-j.1. General works on modern Thai art 17-j.2. Thai Art in the 1990s 17-i. Works on Modern Thai Literature in English 17-j. Religion and Intellectual History 17-k. Film, T.V., and Modern Media

18. PHILIPPINES 18.a General works 18.b.Works on particular artists


20. INDIA 20-a. General works 20-b. Art for the British 20-c. Urban popular graphic art in the 19th century 20-d. The British Art School System 20-e. Art for the Establishment 20-f. Fine Art Societies 20-g. Neo-traditional Painting 20-h. Nascent counter-establishment 20-i. Identity 20-j. The New Establishments 20-k. The folk and the modern 20-l. Style, Criticism, and Identity 20-m. The 1990s 20-n. Indian Artists abroad















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............................................., [Explanatory pull-out] in ART AsiaPacific, no.13, 1997

1-b. Travel Writing

Grewal, Inderpal, Home and Harem: Nation. Gender, and the Cultures of Travel, Durham and London, Duke University Press, 1996.

1-c. RELEVANT SERIALS IN ENGLISH [Area-specific Journals are given in each items for each Section]

Art & Asia Pacific, since 1993.

Art & Culture, since 1996.

Art Monthly Australia, some issues.

Artlink, some issues.

Art & Text, articles in some issues, especially after 1994.

Asian Art News, since 1991, some feature issues, cumulative index vol.4, no.6, 1994.

Flash Art, some issues.

Orientations, some features on modern art.

Res, material culture and anthropology journal.

Third Text, largely theory-oriented.

World Art, some contemporary artists.



2-a.General Problems of Modernity and Art

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2-b.Chinacoast and Trade Paintings

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2-c.Photography in China

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