Assignments for World History for The Byzantine Empire and Medieval Europe

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Assignments for World History for - The Byzantine Empire and Medieval Europe

*quiz on week’s assignments and class notes on Wednesday 10/22

Thursday 10/9: pages 282-287 (up to The Empire Suffers Crisis and Collapse)

Terms: 1. Constantinople 2. Justinian 3. Corpus Juris Civilis

4. Theodora 5. patriarch 6. Great Schism

Questions: 1. Describe the ideological nature of the Byzantine Empire, its cultural influences and heritage:

  1. Describe the geopolitical accomplishments of Justinian; which ones last longer than others? (and why is he comparing himself to King Solomon?)

  2. Define the term “autocrat” and how the ideological influence that helps Justinian to rule as one:

  3. Describe the geopolitical influences on and significance of the Byzantine Empire in the years following Justinian:

  4. Describe the issue over icons, and the eastern and western Christian beefs over it:

Friday 10/10: pages 287 – 291; 214 – 215 (up to A Muslim Empire…)

Terms: 1. Istanbul 2. mosaics 3. Slavs

4. Kiev 5. Mongols 6. Clovis

Questions: 1. Describe the impact of the Crusades on the Byzantine Empire, and the forces behind the final fall of the empire and Constantinople in 1453 AD:

  1. Describe the Byzantine heritage in arts, architecture and education / literature, and how it goes onto influence civilizations in Russia: (what does “Third Rome” refer to?)

  2. Describe the geopolitical impacts of Russian geography, and how outside peoples factored into its development:

  3. Describe the ideological impacts of Mongol rule over medieval Russia:

  4. Describe the Franks:

Tuesday 10/14: pages 215 – 222 (up to Manors Support…)

Terms: 1. Charlemagne 2. Vikings 3. knights

4. castles 5. chivalry 6. troubadours

Questions: 1. Describe Charles Martel and his role in shaping western Europe:

2. Describe the strengths and successes of Charlemagne’s rule and empire, and why they fail to survive for much longer than he does:

3. Describe the feudal system in early medieval Europe:
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Wednesday 10/15: pages 222 – 226 (up to The Rise of…); 229 (up to Corruption…); 244-245 (up to Developing…)

Terms: 1. manor 2. serfs 3. Papal States 4. tithe 5. “High Middle Ages 6. William of Normandy

Questions: 1. Describe life for the average European peasant:

2. Describe the significance of the village church in daily life, and how it served to tie together local communities with the pope and the Church:

3. Describe the structures and tools used by the pope and the Church to enforce its will over political issues in the kingdoms of Europe:

4. Describe the tools used by William of Normandy (“the Conquerer) to expand and centralize royal power:
Thursday 10/16: pages 245 - 252

Terms: 1. Henry II 2. Magna Carta 3. Parliament 4. Capetians

5. Holy Roman Empire 6. Concordat of Worms

Questions: 1. Describe the development of common law and criminal justice under the rule of Henry II:
2. Describe Phillip Augustus and the precedents he set for future French rulers:

3. Compare and contrast the English Parliament with the French Estates-General:

4. Describe the beef between Pope Gregory VII and Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV – what does it signify about politics in the region and the Holy Roman Empire:
Friday 10/17: pages 253 - 260

Terms: 1. Frederick II 2. Innocent III 3. The Crusades 4. Reconquista

Questions: 1. Describe the “successes” of the Crusades for the Europeans, and gauge the effects of the Crusades on Europe in economic, ideological and technological terms:

2. Describe how the Reconquista hurts the kingdom of Spain:

3. What is the Inquisition and how is it used?
Monday 10/20: pages 262 – 267

Terms: 1. scholasticism 2. Thomas Aquinas 3. vernacular

4. Divine Comedy 5. The Canterbury Tales 6. cathedrals

Questions: 1. Describe medieval European universities:

  1. Describe the impact of Aristotle on European learning and thought, and the sources of cultural diffusion that got his ideas there:

  2. Describe the Romanesque and Gothic styles, and how they are representative of European society of this time:

Tuesday 10/21: prep for quiz on Wednesday 10/22

Wednesday 10/22 and Thursday 10/23 - prep for EXAM on Friday 10/24

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