A novel Perspective on Cuba’s ‘Reforms’A novel Perspective on Cuba’s ‘Reforms’
J. L. Betancourt, R. Morán, and C. Quijano provided very useful comments on the first written version. This second one incorporates those comments as well as additional modifications of my own. Remaining errors and omissions are my
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Model Alignment of Anthrax Attack Simulations1Model Alignment of Anthrax Attack Simulations1
Li-Chiou Chen1, Kathleen M. Carley1, Douglas Fridsma2, Boris Kaminsky1, Alex Yahja1
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Course descriptionsCourse descriptions
The course will utilize both lectures and lab experiments to study the biochemical processes of alcoholic fermentation. Areas of investigation will include yeast culture, carbohydrate chemistry, chemical composition of malt extracts
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Athenian Daily Life Athenian Education: BoysAthenian Daily Life Athenian Education: Boys
In ancient Athens, the purpose of education was to produce citizens trained in the arts, to prepare citizens for both peace and war
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Rawls and InjusticeRawls and Injustice
I want to draw near the non-ideal part of Rawls’ theory of justice, namely the theory of injustice. First I investigate how does it arise and then I inquire into the resistance to injustice
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Sts161 History of Computers Lecture # 9 Inventing Artificial IntelligenceSts161 History of Computers Lecture # 9 Inventing Artificial Intelligence
Church/Turing thesis: every "effective procedure" can be formalized in a Turing machine
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Negative 1ncNegative 1nc
Austin, 14 – professor of law at the University of Toronto (Lisa, “Lawful Illegality: What Snowden Has Taught us About the Legal Infrastructure of the Surveillance State∗” ssrn) ict = Information and Communications Technology
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The Design ArgumentThe Design Argument
How did those numbers get to be what they are? Were they just magically pulled out of a cosmic hat at the Big Bang?
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Source: Encarta Concise EncyclopediaSource: Encarta Concise Encyclopedia
Because of the diversity of positions associated with existentialism, a precise definition is impossible; however, it suggests one major theme: a stress on individual existence and, consequently, on subjectivity, individual freedom
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The Story of Race TranscriptThe Story of Race Transcript
How did the idea of race begin in America? The answer can be found in the long and complex history of western Europe and the United States. It is that history—influenced by science
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Ernst Cassirer and the Philosophy of ScienceErnst Cassirer and the Philosophy of Science
Renaissance through Kant, Das Erkenntnisproblem in der Philosophie und Wissenschaft der neuren Zeit, appearing in two volumes in 1906 and 1907. The first volume served as his habilitation at the University of Berlin
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The Use of Information Theory in Biology : a Historical PerspectiveThe Use of Information Theory in Biology : a Historical Perspective
Marcello Barbieri, we are faced respectively with a philosopher and a specialist of theoretical biology who speculate on the different possible uses of information theory in biology
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History of the concept of valueHistory of the concept of value
We conclude with a very brief and speculative reflection on the challenge of the digital age for value theory. The paper has been prepared as an entry for the forthcoming second edition of the International Encylopedia of the Social and Behavioural
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