Afro-Futurism Aff/NegAfro-Futurism Aff/Neg
Simone Browne (Assistant Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies Department and the Department of Sociology) January 2012 “everybody's got a little light under the sun” Cultural Studies, 07/2012, Volume 26, Issue 4
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Marx’s Theory of Crisis Simon ClarkeMarx’s Theory of Crisis Simon Clarke
The composition of capital and the formation of a relative surplus population 111
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Simon ClarkeSimon Clarke
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E social media has become a substitute for human interaction under the concepts of fetishism outlined by Marx, Freud, Kaplan, Debord
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Letters from an American farmerLetters from an American farmer
Letters is a very accessible text; the greatest difficulty in teaching it is establishing the cultural context--the political rhetoric of the Revolution--which makes structural sense of the whole
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