Ch 7 § 1 The Lure of Imperialism

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Ch 7 § 1 The Lure of Imperialism

Manifest Destiny vs. Imperialism

Manifest destiny – desire of some _____________ to expand US from East to _____________ Coast & borders of CA/MX

Imperialism – extension of a nation’s power over other ____________

Ex. It was _____________ destiny that led US to acquire California as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican-American War.

Ex. It was _______________ that led the US to buy Alaska from Russia and later annex Hawaii.

Imperialistic nations included Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, and Japan at turn of the century, later _____________________ joined in.

Why were nations imperialistic?

  1. Economic interests

    1. New _________________ to sell goods

    2. New _________________ of raw materials

  2. Military needs – strategic refueling/repairing stations for _____________________

  3. Ideologies – 3 types

    1. Strong sense of _______________________ (love of one’s country) – more land made nation better (ie higher status)

    2. Cultural _____________________ – less industrialized countries seemed backward, needed “help”, need to be “civilized”

    3. Duty to ________________ - Protestant (Christian) missionaries – felt moral duty to try and convert others

European nations had lots of overseas territories, why not US?

Story of Alaska (and Midway)

Purchased from __________________ in 1867

Called _________________’s Folly and Seward’s ________________ bec many thought it was worthless and that William Seward made a mistake when he purchased it for Pres. A. Johnson for $7.2 million in _________

Also in 1867, Midway Islands (near Hawaii) were annexed by US, after being claimed for US by Capt. N.C. ________________________ in 1859

Story of Hawaii

Hawaii was of interest bec ideal spot for US naval refueling stations enroute to _______ from Western Coast of US

Hawaii first visited by Capt James __________ in 1778 (British explorer), short time late Chief Kamehameha united 8 islands and established __________________

1820s US ships start to bring traders and __________________ to Hawaii

Also brought diseases which decimated native Hawaiian population, 1770s about 300,000 to about 40,000 in ________________

Americans in Hawaii increased ___________ industry, few natives left to farm for American so workers brought from China, _____________, and Philippines

1874 Kalakaua becomes _______________

Strong nationalist

Did not like American influence in Hawaiians gov. however allied with Amer. landowners to strengthen economy

1875 – __________________ Treaty

US is duty free market for HI ____________ and allowed sugar industry to flourish however sugar tycoons bec more powerful, created ______________ League, wanted to overthrow monarchy and establish ______________________ in Hawaii with Amer in charge

1886 US wanted _____________ Harbor in exchange for renewing sugar treaty, King Kalakaua refused

7/1887 King forced to sign new constitution at gunpoint by Americans, King called it _____________ Constitution

Restricted King’s power and most HI could not vote

US got Pearl Harbor, now had permanent _______________ base

1890 US revoked _______________ treaty to help sugar producers in US

Sugar produces on Hawaii wanted Hawaii to then become a _______________ state

1891 ______________________ bec Queen when her brother Kalakaua died, she was also nationalist

1/1893 announced plan to restore power of HI monarchy, sugar producers plotted to _______________ her

John L. _______________ (Amer. minister to HI) sent marines to surround royal palace (helping sugar producers), Queen Lil ____________________ 1/17/1893

Sanford B. ________________ (yes, Dole bananas, pineapples, etc.) became Pres.

Stevens recognized Republic of ______________, put it under US protection

->Stevens did all of this on his own, not with authority from ________________

Pres. _____________________ didn’t like what happened in HI, wanted Queen Lil back but didn’t help her

When _____________________ bec US Pres., HI bec territory of US (1898)

Did not become a state until 1959 (under President Dwight D. ______________________)

US Congress later apologized regarding what happened to Queen __________________________

Story of China and imperialism

America traded with it since _____________

China strictly controlled ________________ through Guangzhou only

1842 British forced China to open _______________ ports for them to trade

1844 US received even broader ________________ privileges

1895 Japan took over ________________ and attempted to take Liaotung Peninsula

Spheres of _____________________ – carved out by Russia, France, GB, and Germany

US too late to get a sphere, proposed ________________________ policy in 1899 giving all nations equal trading rights in China

Europe neither agreed nor rejected policy so 3/1900 announced Open Door _______________ approved

Antiforeigner sentiment grew in __________________

Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists (_________) attacked foreign missionaries and Chinese Christians

6/1900 ___________ Rebellion – Boxers laid siege to Beijing, Western nations rushed to quell rebellion

9/1901 China signed settlement agreement and support for __________________ Policy increased

Story of Japan and imperialism

Japan came under pressure to open _______________ to trade in mid 1800s

1853 Pres. ______________ sent Commodore Matthew Perry to Edo Bay, Japanese awed by US naval strength

1854 Japanese felt forced to open doors and agreed to _____________ with US (Treaty of Peace and Amity)

Japan then began to modernize and became imperialistic, took over ___________, thought about Korea and __________________________ Peninsula (in China)

Russia also interested in ______________________

1904 _______________-Japanese War, lasted about 1 yr, both sides asked ___________________________ to negotiate treaty, received Nobel Prize for Peace for negotiating _________________ of Portsmouth

Japan victor in war, now strongest in ______________ Asia

US knew Japan needed _________________ resources (island nation) and wanted more territory

12/16/1907 TR sent _________________ Fleet (4 squadrons of battleships) on around the world journey, stopping at 20 ports in 6 countries included one in Japan, returned home 2/22/1909

*called Great White Fleet because all ships painted ___________________

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