Cherokee Indians Project

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Cherokee Indians Project
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You have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the Cherokee Indians. You can choose from any particular topic that interests you and any type of product to show what you know. I have provided you with a number of topics that may interest you and ways to make your project. If none of the choices interests you, you must get approval from your teacher before choosing a different topic or type of project.

Essential Questions and Related Topics

  1. To what extent did the impact of the European settlers and the Native Americans have on people, history, and geography?

  1. How did the perspectives of Native Americans and Europeans settlers influence cooperation, conflict and interdependence?

  1. How are events and people connected to each other?

  • Organization of the Cherokee tribes (clans)

  • Language of the Cherokee—Syllabary and Sequoyah

  • Cherokee Culture: Festivals

  • Men and women’s roles

  • Cherokee homes

  • Cherokee clothing

  • Transportation

  • Cherokee food

  • Cherokee arts and crafts

  • Cherokee legends

  • Cherokee medicine

  • Cherokee religion

  • Trail of Tears

Project Presentation Options

If You Want To...


  • Should be the size of a standard poster board

  • Includes at least five pieces of important information

  • Must contain words and pictures

  • Is a summary of the information gathered

Trading Cards

  • Includes at least 10 cards

  • Each card should be at least 3” x 5”

  • Each should have a colored picture

  • includes at least three facts on the subject of the card

  • Cards must have information on both sides


  • Must be about 5 minutes long

  • Script must be turned in each day before the play is presented

  • Should have props

  • Can include more than one person

  • Must be authentic and be a summary of the information gathered

PowerPoint Presentation

  • At least 10 informational slides

  • No more than 15 words per page

  • Animation is optional and should not distract from the information being presented

  • Presentation should be done without reading the slides


  • A cover of the scrapbook must have a meaningful title

  • Must have at least five themed pages

  • Each page has at least one picture

  • Each page must have an summary of what was learned

Make a brochure/pamphlet

  • Must have pictures AND written text

  • Must be authentic

  • Completed product should be a summary of the information gathered

Journal entries

  • Must be authentic

  • Written neatly

  • At least 4 complete letters from a Cherokee Indian to a European or Cherokee Indian to another Cherokee Indian

  • Must include information about what was read

Any other approved project idea


  • At least 8.5 inches by 11” folded in half

  • All information is supported by facts

  • Created with the correct number of flaps cut into the top

Concentration Cards

  • At least 20 index cards(10 matching sets)

  • Both pictures and words should be used

  • Information should be placed on just one side of each card

  • Includes an answer key that shows the matches

Historically fiction newspaper

  • Your first article should be your cover story

  • Include historical facts

  • Should have several articles

  • Authentic

Historical fiction story (A Day in the Life…)

An ancient newscast

  • Must be based on facts

  • Has a script that has been approved

  • Should reflect the culture of the Cherokee Indians

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