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UNIT #6: Essential Question Organizer


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EQ #1-How did the relationship between the Native Americans and the New England colonists change?

EA#1-The relationship between the Native Americans and New England colonists changed as a major power shift emerged as a result of King Philip's War; the Native Americans were virtually "wiped out", therefore leaving the colonists in control of the land.


EQ#2-What were the major reasons for the clash?

EA#2-The major reasons for the clash(between the Native Americans and English colonists) were land, religion, and equal rights.


EQ#3a-What were the causes and effects of King Philip's War?

EQ#3b-What are important primary source documents that provide important evidence of the causes of King Philip's War?

EA#3a-The causes of KPW was the conflicts between the Colonists and Native Americans:

Conflicts for the Colonists-land, attacks on the English, murder of Sassamon (Christian Indian who was a friend to the Colonists)

Conflicts for the Native Americans-hanging of 3 Wampanoags in questionable trial for death of Sassamon, loss of land to the English, destruction of land

The effects of KPW was:

For the colonists...600 colonists died,50 of 90 English villages were attacked and many burned to the ground,

Took colonists years to recover from the loss of life, property damage and huge military expenditures

For the Native Americans...3,000 Indians died, peaceful Narragansett Indians(who had nothing to do with the war) were massacred on their own land in Rhode Island because some settlers now feared all Indians, entire families were sold into slavery abroad or made slaves locally, power of Native Americans in New England broken

EA#3b-The important primary source documents that show evidence of the causes of King Philip's War are "Metacom Relates Indian Complaints about the English Settlers", Report by Edward Randolf sent by English Government, Excerpts from Mary Rowlandson, "English Colonists held captive during King Philip's War"


EQ#4-How did the relationship change between the Native Americans and the English colonists in Jamestown, Virginia?

EA#4-The relationship between the Native Americans and the English colonists changed in Jamestown in three phases:

early-Colonists and Native Americans traded and were peaceful to one another; they avoided conflict.

middle-The conflicts over land increased.

later-A civil war started because the colonists considered all Native Americans to be hostile.


EQ#5a- What are the causes and effects of Bacon's Rebellion?

EQ#5b-What are important Primary Source documents regarding Bacon's Rebellion?

EA#5a-The causes of Bacon's Rebellion were land demands rise from colonists, rising population of Jamestown increases demand for land, indentured servants that become free need land-keep pushing further into frontier, economic problems, colonists want protection from Indians, and white settlers want to have permission to take up arms and kill Indians. The effects of Bacon's Rebellion were labor supply replaced with slave labor, Bacon charged with treason by Governor Berkeley, people learned the power of the people to rebel, large loss of life, especially Native Americans, Berkeley hanged the major leaders, Berkeley seized property without trials, and Berkeley was replaced due to his questionable decisions.

EA#5b-The important primary source documents regarding Bacon's Rebellion are the map of Jamestown which shows where the areas of conflict took place, the petitions sent to Governor Berkeley which gave colonists complaints, specifics examples of problems and demanded actions, and Governor Berkeley's Declaration which stated that Bacon had committed treason-the crime of fighting against the government.


EQ#6-What are the important facts for the King Philip's War and Bacon's Rebellion Assessment?

The important facts about KPW and BR can be found in your list of topics #11, your class notes #5, Metacom's primary source document #4, and the reasons why both conflicts were important #21.

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