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Denver Public Schools

Candidate Profile
About the Profile

The Candidate Profile is designed to provide a concise summary of everything the district learns during the principal screening process about a candidate’s strengths and opportunities, and relevant experience and results.

The profile can be used by Human Resources (HR), Instructional Superintendents (IS), Assistant Superintendents (AS) and the Superintendent during the final principal selection decision making. The profile is highly confidential. It is not intended for public use as it will include confidential personnel information, however the IS may work with HR to select appropriate portions of the summary to share with the SPSAC during selection discussions.

The profile would be created by Human Resources during the pre-screening process, and then updated by the IS as candidates complete various steps in the selection process. Because it is a written document, special care and training would need to be taken to ensure that the notes and commentary in the document are fair and not discriminatory. HR is the ultimate keeper of the document, as the district would likely continue to use the profile and build on it as candidates are considered for additional principalships or other leadership roles within the district.

The Candidate Profile will include the following information:

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