El Cid 2 (The loan from Raquel and Vidas)

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El Cid 1: Exile

King Alfie of Castilla and Leon was fighting against the moors (they invaded in 711) Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (or Cid) was not fighting with his king because he was sent to collect taxes by King Alfie in Cordoba and Sevilla. Count Garcia and other Christians instigated battles between the moors of Sevilla and Granada. Rodrigo entered in battle against those of Granada, who fleed. There Rodrigo pulled the beard of Count Garcia for what he had started. (Cid ended it essentially)

Cid won a great botin and fame in his fights. The moors gave him the name “El Cid Campeador” (warrior) for his valor in the fields of battle. But Cid’s bad enemies changed the facts and accused Cid of betraying the king. Alfie believed all and wrote a letter to Cid banishing him from Castilla. He only gave him 9 days’ time to leave his homeland 

El Cid 2 (The loan from Raquel and Vidas)

In order to live in exile, el Cid needed money for his troops. He told Martin Antolinez “I need as much money as possible and the only way to get it is like this: full of sand to the brim, two chests, so that they seem heavy. Cover them with rich red leather and seal them with golden nails. Take them to Raquel and VIdas. Tell them that I can’t buy anything in Burgos and I can’t carry the chests with me either.” (Reminder, when a noble person is banished, they must leave all belongings behind) Precisely the reason that I pawn them for what they can give me. Carry the chests at night with great secrecy. I can’t do more, and I do it in spite of myself (means he has great shame)

Raquel and VIdas were counting their money when Martin arrived. They were very happy to see such rich and heavy chests. Martin asked for 600 marcos as a loan. The two Jews left Martin to consult “well we know that Cid has won much botin in the land of the moors. He who travels with money, cannot sleep calmly. We will take it, the two chests and hide it in a safe place.

When they tried to pick up the chests they were very happy because being strong, they couldn’t pick them up. Finally they managed to pick up the chests. They lent the 600 marcos and also gave a reward of 30 marcos to Martin for his part in the business.

El Cid 3: The goodbye

After getting Raquel and Vidas Money, El Cid went to the monastery of San Pedro de Cardena to say goodbye to his wife and children. Don Sancho, the abbott or rector of the parish saluted him with great joy. El cid gave him 150 marcos to take care of his children and wife- dona Jimena and to her ladies in waiting who accompanied her. Take my daughters in your arms, for every marco that you spend, I will give you 4. Wife “I see that you are about to leave and that we will become separated from you.”

With tears in his eyes, he embraced his family and said “pray to our god and Virgin Mary that I come back to marry off my 2 daughters and have good fortune that protects me for many days” He holds his family, the pain like a nail being ripped off.

Minaya Alvar Fanez- el Cid’s nephew and chief tactician, “Cid where is your courage, these pains will turn to joy someday”

The Bells of San Pedro tolled and the town crier announced through Castilla the departing of Cid. 115 cowboys left their homes to accompany Cid. He loosened the reins of his horses and began his adventures.

El Cid 4: The capture of Castejon

Cid and his followers left their homeland and marched from Espinoza de Can, following the river banks of Duero.

Through the night, the Archangel San Gabriel presented himself in Rodrigo’s dreams and said “Cabalga, Cid.” (ride) While you’re alive, a good end will come in that which you do. Waking up, Cid made the sign of the cross. Cid’s group at dawn directed themselves towards Castejon.

Minaya Alvar Fanez suggested that Cid attack the town with 100 cowboys. Alvar would go through the fields with 200 cowboys taking the booty from the moors.

The Castejonions got up as a custom, without precautions. They left the doors unfettered and left to do daily chores. El Cid rode towards the unfettered doors and subdued all of the moors in the town.

Alvar, on the other hand returned with grand booty. When he saw him, Cid Exclaimed “Alvar, you’re here already? You are a courageous lance. Take the fifth part for yourself…if you want to” Alvar said, I appreciate you very much but it will please Alfonso more than I. I am happy to kill moors until the blood sparkles down my elbow.

El Cid showed his compassion for the moor prisoners giving them their liberty. The moors blessed Cid for his goodness when he left Castejon.

El Cid 5: The defeat of the moor princes of Valencia

After conquering Castejon, el Cid and his men marched through Aragon. They conquer Alcocer and they find themselves low on supplies. Finding out Tamin, the moor king of Valencia, sent two of his princes with more than 3 thousand soldiers against the 600 that cid had. El cid asks for advice from his leaders. Minaya Alvar Fanez, the general captain of el Cid thinks that the 600 cowboys should surprise attack the moors. Pedro Bermudez, the cowboy that supports the colors of el Cid, can’t contain himself, he spurs his horse and attacks the moors before el Cid gives the order, El cid and company win the battle. More than 300 moors die and only 15 Cristian cowboys.

The 5th part of the botin fell to Cid: 100 cowboys, gold, swords, and much more. Cid sent Alvar with 30 of his best saddled cowboys and with rich swords to his king alfonso.

The king was happy to receive the gift from Cid but he said, “Only because it was from the moors do I accept this gift” It is very early still to forgive Cid, but my cowboys will stay and fight at your side. Minaya accepts the king’s offer of a future pardon for Cid.

El Cid Cap. 6: Battle against the Count of Barcelona

The caballeros come together. Cid marches through the lands of the south and of the east of Aragon that was low on protection from Don Ramon Berenguer, count of Barcelona. El cid had wounded in past times a nephew of the Count and had not apologized for his offense. For this reason, the count has resentment towards Cid.

The count Don Ramon reunited a great army of moors and Christians and left against Cid. Having found out the warrior said “tell the Count Don Ramon not to take it the wrong way. I took nothing of his own, and let me leave in peace.

But the count responded “that of before and now, all will be paid by the banished”

The soldiers of the count attacked downhill. His cowboys had speedy but unstable saddles and wore loose girths. Those of Cid had steady work saddles. Attacking uphill, they demolished those of Don Ramon.

El Cid won the battle and the famous sword of Colada that was worth more than 1000 marcos. He stayed very pleases with his large winnings. The count Don Ramon became a prisoner of el Cid.

They prepared exquisite foods for the occasion, but don Ramon didn’t want to eat and jeered himself saying “I would rather die than eat a mouthful prepared by these ragged persons. Cid said “it that I have won from you in battle, I need for these ragged persons.

El Cid 7

Cid Conquers Valencia

Once the dispute was settled with Don Ramon, El Cid and his men continued towards the couth by the coasts of the Mediterranean. His intention was to conquer Valencia.

3,600 Cowboys from Cid blockaded the beautiful city, impeding those who entered or left. About 8 months later, Valencia Surrendered and its great riches belonged to Cid.

To intercept, the moor king of Sevilla attacked them with 30,000 soldiers but he was detained in 2 battles and escaped injured. El Cid won his prize horse Babieca and more riches.

El Cid’s fame attracted the attention of Don Jeronimo, (French clergy man and Bishop of Valencia and renouned) He was very strong, brave and understood the letters. He hated the moors and wanted to hurt them with his bare hand. El Cid granted Don Jeronimo and he began to fight at his side.

Cid’s riches were great. One time he sent Rodrigo to Alvar Fanez with a rich gift for his king Alfonso. He asked that he permit his wife and children to live with him in Valencia.

Alfonso was very pleased with El Cid’s successes. The count Garcia full of envy sarcastically suggested that he seems that there were no moors left alive. The kind replied, “Any way…Cid serves me better than you”

The king granted the favors to Cid and sent money to pay the expenses of the trip of his family. The infanted of Carrion when they heard the news, said that if they married the daughters, they would be rich in spite of being nobler than Cid.

The infants flattered Alvar and they sent greetings to Cid, indicating that soon they would go to fight at his side. Alvar thought that this would end badly.

El Cid 8: Cid’s Fam unites

Once the mission was carried out, Alvar, Cid’s Family and his followers left San Pedro of Cardena for Valencia. Raquel and Vidas then said to Alvar that El Cid had impoverished them and asked for money although it could be with interests. They threatened saying “If we must leave Burgos and we go to find it. Alvar promised them that he would carry out their wish.

When el Cid heard of the good news from the king, he sent for his good friend, the Moor Abengalbon (in times of peace) He will escort the followers of Jimena to Valencia. El Cid asked for 100 men and Abengalbon sent 200.

When he arrived to Valencia with his followers, El Cid, with great happiness, ran with his horse Babieca boasting about his dexterity. Finally he dismounted his horse and he hugged his family with much care and they all cried with happiness.

El Cid took his wife and kids to the highest of the castle and said “This will be our residence” From there they saw all of the city with the sea far away. They watched the very green orchard and the great beauty of the land. The winter had gone and March was coming.

El Cid 9: The Battle against Yusuf

Valencia is now the residence of Cid and his emissaries (his squad) The beautiful city, the wealth and Cid’s power, are now once more the cause of the jealousy from the moors.

Yusy, the moor king of Marruecos, furious because Cid had conquered Valencia, decided to attack with 50,000 armed men. The moors arrived from Africa in their ships. They came ashore on the beaches of Valencia and planted their tents. The moors began to roll (beat) their drums at daybreak.

Dona Jimena and her ladies felt great fear because they never hard heard such uproar. El Cid consoled them saying that he would give them a gift of the drums of the moors (as botin when he won) He said furthermore “they will see with their eyes how one makes a living (throws shade)”

After winning the battle, el Cid counted his great botin. He sent Alfonso a tent of rich cloth from Yusuf and 200 horses as a gift. He ordered Pedro Bermudez that he tell Alfonso that he would always serve him while he still has breath in him.

Cid’s Emissaries (squad) went to Valladolid where Alfonso was. Alfonso was flattered and became very happy. He told Minaya “The time to pardon Cid is near” (yasss)

Count Garcia (Sharkboy) shows once again his jealousy and fear. Then the infantes de Carrion come to the king and ask for the hands of Dona Elvira and Sol, Cid’s daughters. Alf waits a moment and then orders Minaya Alvar Fanez that he take the message to Cid and that he tell him furthermore that he had to grow in honor (raise his station) to join the king’s fam. Upon hearing this, Cid thought seriously. He did not want to offend Alfonso, but he knew well the cowardice of the Infantes of Carrion (they were scuzzy folk) He decided finally to give Alfonso his daughters so that the king could marry them (not personally but to the infantes)

El Cid 10: Alfonso pardons Cid

The time arrived to pardon el Cid. Cid and his great army went North, to the designated place for the encounter with king Alf. Alf and Cid found each other on the shores of the river Tajo. The king then pardoned Cid and they kissed each other on the mouth (this highlights their impending equality to one another) All were happy except Garcia (huge cry baby) who was grief stricken.

El Cid was a guest on honor in the Rey’s camp. Alfie basically loved Cid and didn’t tire of watching him and marveling at his grand beard (lol) The king asks for the hand of Dona Elvira and Sol for the infantes of Carrion. Cid responded “They are my very young daughters and so little (They were said to be 11 and 9 years old SICK!). The infantes are of great surname. Give my daughters to whoever you want, I will be happy. (*puts responsibility on Alfie)

The king did not want to give them personally to the infantes of Carrion, and signaled to Minaya as sponsor (god father) at the wedding. Before the king, el Cid and the infantes switched swords as a sign of the union. After the the encounter with the king, Cid returned to Valencia (ayyy he back!) and told his wife dona Jimena and his daughters that he had arranged the wedding. They kissed Cid’s hands and said “thanks to God and Cid of the grown beard (weird). We will always be rich.” El Cid informed them that he had put them in the hands of the king “he will marry you and not me” (again not personally, but he will “give them away” at the wedding)

Cap. 11: They celebrate the Weddings

The infantes arrived to Valencia with many other nobles from all kingdoms of Spain. El Cid showed them much honor. In particular, he distinguished his future sons-in-law, the infantes. He ordered that Pedro Bermudez and Muno Gustioz (dona Jimena’s brother-in-law) take care of and attend to the infantes personally.

The weddings were celebrated en the grand room of the palace. Through all parts, one could see rugs, silk and purple cloth. The time arrived as did Cid’s caballeros. The infants came before Cid and Dona Jimena and with hesitation said “Since we have to do it, why are we taking so long?”

He ordered Alvar Fanez that he begin the rite and that he give his daughters with his own hands. They all went after to the Santa Maria church where don Jeronimo, the bishop, gave his benediction. El Cid and his subjects, to celebrate the event, made a gran show by putting down their weapons. They tore down wooden castles in a field to demonstrate their dexterity and strength (since laying down ones weapons makes you weak)

At the end of 15 days of partying, Cid gave rich gifts to all of his caballeros and they all returned to their kingdoms rich and happy. The infants de Carrion stayed to live in Valencia with their wives and Cid.

Cap 12: The Dishonor of Corpes

After the weddings of his daughters, life went back to normal in the palace of Valencia. But one day. While Cid was napping, a lion escaped from his cage. Cid’s men felt great fear, however, they got their cloaks and surrounded Cid to protect him. The infants, don Fernando and don Diego Gonzales felt great terror. Don Fernando ran and threw himself under Cid’s chair. Don Diego screamed “never will I see Carrion again.” And he hid himself under a large beam. El Cid woke up and found out about the events. He got on his feet and went toward the lion. When the lion saw him, he lowered his head as a signal or humility (lol this is some Narnia stuff right here) El Cid took him by the neck and led him into the cage. All present marveled as the event. El Cid asked for his two sons-in-law and he couldn’t find them. They called for them by screaming and neither 1 nor the other responded. Finally when they found them, they were found pale with fear. Everyone mocked them. El Cid ordered that they don’t make it a problem, as they were already humiliated and full of dishonor.

Cap 13: Battle against Bucar

Life was semi normal in Valencia after the lion incident. BUT then a message arrived from the King of Bucar de Marruecos. He orders that El Cid leave Valencia. El Cid said Nah bro. Muno gustioz had heard that the Infantes were cowards in battle and didn’t fight. Cid told them they didn’t have to fight so they pretended to be champions at the start of the battle

Don Fernando was very daring and went against Aladraf. But when the moor was detained to fight, Fernando turned the reins of the horse and drew back with great fear. Pedro Bermudez defeated Aldraf and gave the moor’s horse to the infant and said “tell everyone you won this horse, I will be a witness. To know the success of his son in law would make Cid very happy.

The battle between Cid’s peeps and Bucar’s was bloody. Don Jeronimo after having killed 7 moors was surrounded by many more. El Cid attacked them with his sword, killing moors left and right. He killed 11 moors and rescued his bishop.

Bucar seeing himself losing was on his famous horse, galloping full speed. El cid caught up with ihmn near the sea on his horse Babieca, whose gallop was quicker. He raised his sword, Colada and gave a large hit. The king Bucar’s helmet fell in the sand. El Cid won from Bucar his sword tizon that was worth more than 1000 marcos.

Cap 14: The infantes return to Carrion

Don Fernando and Don Diego received 5000 marcos as part of the won booty from Bucar. They then thanked Cid. Fernando said: Thanks to God and you, honorable Cid, we have so much wealth that we haven’t even counted. We have fought for you and we have killed Bucar, great traitor.

The emissaries of Cid that were present made fun of Fernando’s lie. The infants, full of hate and revenge, decided to return to Carrion carrying a message to dona Elvira and dona Sol and all their riches. They thought that on the journey, they would avenge themselves for hurting his daughters. They asked permission from Cid to return to Carrion and give them 3000 marcos as a dowry to his daughters, along with many other gifts. He gave them his two swords Colada and Tizon.

El Cid said goodbye to his daughters with much pain. The two sisters asked him to always carry their letters to Carrion. All cried from the heart. Like a finger nail being ripped off, the separation was painful.

El Cid knew about the omens that the 2 marriages would not be fortunate. For this reason he sent the young Felix Munoz, cousin of daughters, so that he could help them on their trip to Carrion. The entourage directed themselves toward Carrion and passed the infants through Molina and the lands of the moor Abengalbon. By his great love to Cid, Abengalbon made rich gifts to the infants. The two brothers, however, thought that they could make themselves richer if they killed Abengalbon.

A moor that understood Spanish, understood the discussion of the two infants and communicated their plans to Abengalbon. Well-armed, they directed themselves towards the infantes and told them, he would not do what he could do because of his love for Cid. If he did, the infants would never return to Carrion. I am only leaving here for El Cid’s daughters, I have disdain for your infants.

Cap. 15: The infantes whip their Spouses aka the 0-100 real quick chapter (Yikes)

Soon following their trip to Carrion. In an oak grove of Corpes near a fountain, they sent the infants to lift their store. In the morning, they sent all the servants that were left in front, because they wanted to stay only with their wives.

Once alone, the infants took off their ermine (look up) cloaks, leaving them only with silk shirts above their bodies. The infantes put on spurs, took a hard strap, and said “now we avenge ourselves for the affront of the Lion (because Cid embarrassed them). Dona sol pleads with the infantes and asks to cut off their heads instead of whipping them for they will have to answer to the Spanish Parliament for their actions.

The infantes whipped them without mercy. They tore with their spurs, their shirts and skin. They were unconscious and bloodied. The infantes left them for dead.

Felix Muñoz was found in the forest when he saw the infantes pass without their wives. He also heard their conversation. He followed the trail that they left and found his cousins almost dead. Felix brought them water his new hat to appease their thirst. Little by little they came to. He picked them up and put them on his horse and took them to the tower of dona Urraca as fast as he could. The news arrived to the king Alfie first and then to Cid. Upon hearing this, Cid brooded for a long time. Then he ordered that his daughters be brought to Valencia. Upon seeing them he greeted them and said “I have let you marry them because I couldn’t deny it. I ask God to see that I give you better marriages in the future. To my sons-in-law, may God punish you.

Cap 16: The Spanish Parliament

El Cid sent Muno Gustioz with the complaint of their grievances to the King. Alfie upon hearing this said “It was I who married the daughters with the infantes of Carrion. How I wish these weddings never happened!” He told Cid and his squad that in 7 weeks they prepare themselves. I will gather Spanish Parliament in Toledo.

The king summoned the nobles of Castilla, Leon, Carrion, Santiago, Galicia, and Portugal to come if they were his emissaries. Alfie ordered the infantes to be present, they did not want to. In 7 weeks all gathered in Toledo except Cid, who waited 5 days (El Cid purposefully planned to do this to make the king anxious)

Upon seeing Cid, Alfie became happy. On the hand and face Cid kissed the king. They directed themselves to Toledo. Upon arriving to the Tajo River, Cid excused himself and lodged himself in San Severando to keep vigil. He didn’t want to cross the Tajo because he was suspecting treason and he wasn’t protected by his escort, so he wasn’t able to arrive at nightfall. At dawn, el Cid gave instructions to his leaders that they hide their suit of arms underneath their rich furs. El Cid covered his own suit of arms with a shirt of thread that was white like the sun and a red fur with gold bands. He tied his beard with a cord so that they could not seize him by his lengthy beard. Upon arriving to the Spanish Parliament’s room with such elegant leaders, all were admired.

Cap 17: Cid’s 3 Demands

The Spanish Parliament judges were don Enrique, don Ramon, and other counts that didn’t belong to any band. The kind ordered Cid that he start the demand. El Cid asked that the infantes return his two swords (Colada and Tizon) The judges granted it.

The infantes turned in their 2 swords to Alfonso. Count Garcia (Sharkboy) believing that it was the only demand, told the infantes that Cid had them scared. By his beard, Cid swore more punishment for his two daughters.

Cid got up and asked that they return all riches that he gave to the infantes as a dowry. The infantes denied it saying that they had already given back the swords, however the judges and Alfie ordered it. They said that the infantes had wasted the money and they offered their lands in Carrion instead. Furthermore, the king ordered that they complete their payment with horses, mules, fine swords, and things of value.

Cid then said “The infantes of Carrion insulted me so, that if you don’t challenge them, I can’t leave them alone.”

The count Garcia (Sharkboy) insulted Cid with his similarly large beard and said furthermore that the weddings were not legal. Cid responded to that by pulling out of his bag, the same hair that he had pulled from Garcia’s beard a long time ago (ew)

Then Cid watched Pedro Bermudez and said “Pedro, that they called stammerer, speak, you are always quiet. Then Pedro challenged Fernando right there. Martin Antolinez challenged Diego. Finally Muno Gustioz challenged Asur Gonzalez, brother of the infantes, who just arrived drunk with a colored face.

The messengers of the infantes de Navarra and Aragon arrived to court, as well as sons of kings, and they asked Cid with respect to his daughters to be their husbands, Cid agreed.

Cid returned to Valencia. The king and the court went to Carrion where they took themselves out of the tournaments. The infantes of Carrion were defeated. Cid’s daughters, vindicated, married the two kings. El Cid died on the Pentecost in plain glory with much honor, and finally, was a relative of the kings of Spain.

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