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Emma Brandstoettner

US Studies

Mr. Borgmann

January 13, 2011

Slavery ID’s 7-12

  1. Underground Railroad

Who: Escaped slaves, Abolitionists, Slaves.

What: The Underground Railroad was an unorganized group of freed slaves that helped slaves get to the north for freedom.

When: 1800s

Where: All over the south.

Why: The underground Railroad was started the help slaves escape to freedom in the North.

  1. Harriet Tubman

Who: Escaped slave.

What: She was one of the most famous persons involved in the Underground Railroad.

When: 1800s

Where: The south.

Why: Harriet Tubman freed over 100,000 slaves, in order to end slavery.

  1. Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Who: Harriet Beecher Stowe, author.

What: An anti-slavery book, published during the Civil War.

When: 1852

Where: Based in the south.

Why: The book was written in an attempt to abolish slavery, and also bring to light how salves were being treated.

  1. Dread Scott

Who: Dread Scott was a former slave who sued for his freedom.

What: He sued for his freedom.

When: 1857

Where: Missouri

Why: Dread Scott sued for his freedom because although slavery had been abolished, African-American’s were still considered (and treated) like property.

  1. Atlantic Slave Trade

Who: African’s and European’s.

What: The slave trade that brought people over from West Africa.

When: During the 16th and 19th centuries.

Where: West Africa, the Atlantic Ocean.

Why: Europeans wanted free labor, so they went to West Africa and brought back slaves.

  1. Abolition

Who: People in the north, abolitionist.

What: Abolition was a movement to stop slavery.

When: 1800s

Where: The United States.

Why: To abolish, or get rid of, slavery in the United States.

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