Greek Civilization Study Guide Alexander conquered Egypt, Persia, and part of India

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Greek Civilization Study Guide

Alexander conquered Egypt, Persia, and part of India

Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyseey

Pericles led Athens in its Golden Age

Mycenaeans fought The Trojan War against a rival trading city - Troy

Dorians Distant Greek relatives, not as advanced in pottery and tools

Socrates Philosopher who questioned the values of Athens

Xerxes Second invasion from Persia lead by

Euclid helped develop geometry

Solon started reforms that made Athens a democracy

Darius King of the Persians the first time that they invaded

Athena Goddess of Wisdom

Plato theorized the average citizen was incapable of governing wisely

Philip II King of Macedonia who unified all Greeks

aristocracy rule by a small group of nobles.

polis city-state.

Democracy rule by the people

Philosophy “love of wisdom”.

Cleisthenese reformed the government by creating the council of 500

The Battle of Marathon a great Athenian over the Persians

Greek gods were all powerful, immortal, human-like beings

Thermopylae a great Spartan defeat with honor

Greek Art characterized as the use of idealistic proportions and emotions.

Athens emerged as the leader of Greece after the Persian Wars.

Athenians defeated the Persians at Salamis

Aegean the sea around which Greek civilization grew up

Sparta the name of the city-state that defeated Athens in 404 BC

Athens Greek city-state whose population was always trying to learn

Sparta The Greek city-state with the most powerful army

Aristotle philosopher who taught Alexander and developed syllogism

Greek dramas myths, tragedies, comedies

Plataea Great, Greek, land victory over Persia after naval victory

rugged mountains geographical factor created separate city-states

Crete large island near the Greek mainland where a great civilization started

Peloponnesian War fought between Sparta and Athens

What are the events of Ancient Greece? What was part of the normal Greek men’s activities?

What are the contributions of the Greeks to Western Civilization?
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