Lesson plan: 3 Unit Name: Road to the Declaration of Independence

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Lesson plan: 3

Unit Name: Road to the Declaration of Independence

John and Abigail Adams' Contributions

School District: Tyngsborough, MA

Date: September 1, 2009

Class and Grade: Social Studies/Grade 5

State framework standard:

5.18 Describe the life and achievements of important leaders during the Revolution and the early years of the United States

Historical Thinking standard:

1. Chronological Thinking

2. Historical Comprehension

3. Historical Analysis and Interpretations

4. Historical Research Capabilities

5. Historical Issues-Analysis and Decision-Making

Leadership: Abigail Adams

Inclusion of a primary source: letter from Abigail


Enduring understanding: Abigail Adams was a strong supporting of women's rights and a partner in her husband's political career.

Essential Questions:

Who was Abigail Adams?

background information

view points/opinions


Development and selection of activities and resources:

Student will review their note from their book summaries and narrative about John Adams to be more familiar with Abigail's background.
To provide background knowledge on the different views women and men had on women's roles and rights in 1776 , students read and discuss – Woman's View of a Man's World: A Difference of Opinion
Students will read and discuss “Abigail Adams: Mrs. Delegate” to learn her view and opinions.

Students will read Abigail's letter to John and complete the “Remember the Ladies worksheet.”



Based on notes, worksheet, and discussions with the students I will be able to assess students' understanding.

Download 7.39 Kb.

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