Martin Van Buren, The Eighth President Handout Multiple Choice

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Martin Van Buren, The Eighth President Handout

Multiple Choice:

Where was Van Buren born?

  1. New York City, NY

  2. Philadelphia, PA

  3. Kinderhook, NY

  4. Boston, MA

What political party was Van Buren part of?

  1. Whig

  2. Democratic

  3. Anti-Jacksonian

Who was Van Buren’s first lady?

  1. Hannah Hoes Van Buren

  2. Peggy Eaton

  3. Angelica Singleton

Preparing for Presidency:

-Van Buren was elected in the NY state senate from 1812 to 1820

-U.S. senator from New York 1821 to 1828

-Governor of New York for 3 months

- Secretary of state to Andrew Jackson 1828 to1831

-Was vice president to Andrew Jackson 1832
Presidential Administration/ Election
-Martin Van Buren’s presidential term was from March 4, ________to March 3, _______

-Which state’s addition was delayed because of slavery? ___________

- What huge event started in America in 1837? _________________________________

- How much of the electoral vote did Martin Van Buren win? ____%

- Who did Martin Van Buren run against?




-Which countries did Van Buren prevent starting wars with?

____________________ and ________________________

-How many terms did Van Buren run for? _________

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