Medieval Times Hotlist February 16, 2013 All About Medieval Times

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Medieval Times Hotlist

February 16, 2013
All About Medieval Times

Links to Medieval websites

Medieval Times & Castles

Information about the Middle Ages

Medieval Quest

A webquest designed by students – Junior Thinkquest

Life in the Middle Ages

Links to medieval websites

Build a Medieval Castle

Print out castle parts to construct your own castle

Highlights Build a Castle

Online castle building

Build Your Own Castle

Online castle building

Castles on the Web

Links to castle information

Life in a Medieval Castle

Learn about life in a middle age castle

Castle Siegecraft and Defence

Learn how castles were defended

Castles for Kids

A kid-friendly site to learn the basics of castles

Build a Cardboard Castle

Directions for building a castle from cardboard

Medieval Times

Lessons and projects

Shields, Knights and Heraldry

Play a heraldry game, create your own shield

NOVA – Medieval Siege

Interactive activities

Medieval Times

An interactive tour of medieval life

Medieval Times Reality Adventure

A webquest

Scholastic Medieval Times

Facts about the middle ages

The Steps of Knighthood

Learn about knighthood; links to other Middle Age related topics

Hands-on History - Medieval Times

Lesson plans and activities related to the Middle Ages

Medieval Christmas

Learn about Christmas in medieval times

Medieval Christmas Traditions

Christmas may owe its popularity in medieval times to liturgical dramas and mysteries presented in the church

Medieval Daily Life - Social History in the Middle Ages

Daily Life in Medieval Times


Christmas in medieval times was indeed a time of joy and merriment.

How to Cook Medieval - Christmas Feasts

Discover what was eaten and served at Christmas time in the Middle Ages

Christmas in the Middle Ages

The customs and rituals of the festive season that date back to the medieval times.

What is Boxing Day in England

Like Christmas Day, Boxing Day is a public holiday. Where does the name Boxing Day come from?

Life In Medieval Times

A webquest designed by students

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Located at Fordham University, the sourcebook gives access to primary and secondary documents

Behind the Name

Find out the meanings for English surnames

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