Ottawa Regional Women’s Committee Report

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Ottawa Regional Women’s Committee Report

September 1 – December 31, 2014

The fall is always a busy time for PSAC Sisters as there are several annual events to recognize. In October we celebrated Women’s History Month with an event organized by the Worker’s History Museum which included the storey of “The EB Eddy Matchgirls” and folk songs linked to the labour movement. On October 4, events were held throughout Canada to bring awareness to our missing and murdered Aboriginal Sisters. In Ottawa several sisters participated in the ceremony held on Parliament Hill. October 8 we took to the street with sisters and brothers of all ages in the annual “Take Back the Night” march, which winds its way throughout the downtown core and ends up at City Hall, where various kiosks are set up with information on helping women to stay safe. On October 30 the third annual NDP Women’s Forum was held, which focused on finding solutions for gender inequality.

In November several sisters attended the Childcare 2020 Conference in Winnipeg which provided research and strategies for making a national quality, affordable daycare system a priority for the next election.

We were invited to attend the AGM of the Aboriginal Action Circle, which included a presentation by the Native Women’s Association of Canada to bring more understanding and awareness for the challenges facing our Aboriginal Sisters and the refusal of our government to call for a national inquiry regarding our missing and murdered Sisters.

The ORWC has taken on a big challenge in supporting the fight against Bill C-36 which we feel increases sex workers’ vulnerability to violence and other forms of abuse.

December 6 saw us participating in the annual vigil for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the 14 women who were gunned down at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. After the vigil, we hosted a gathering with hot chocolate and goodies at 233 Gilmour. This year was our largest turnout ever, most likely due to the fact that we handed out “invitations” at the vigil.

Looking ahead we will be having a potluck in the Pat Mcgrath boardroom on January 22 at 5pm. We are encouraging all sisters to attend!

During the first part of 2015 we will be focusing on activities for International Women’s Day.

In solidarity,

Linda Koenders

Chair, ORWC
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