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On May 7th we will meet at my father’s house at 6:00am (27246 419th Avenue, Parkston SD 57366) located 1 mile east of Milltown camp ground, turn North at Milltown Cemetery an 1/2 mile. (It’s a one way road that runs right down into his yard) waivers will be signed at this time, for insurance purpose!

This is going to be shotgun only hunt. Please have the right gun with right ammunition. We will do a brief safety talk before the hunt. Make sure you have turkey tags with along with your hunting license. 

There will be three guides:

Andrew Stainbrook

Neil Hylla 

Christina Stainbrook

We will have two to three guns in a blind depending upon the number of hunters. I will group more advanced hunter’s together and second or first timers with a guide. 

Please bring if you have but not needed turkey decoys, turkey calls, blinds, fold up easy chairs, hunting gear, range finder, binoculars, camo clothing, black face masks, paint face will be good too, bug spray, knife to clean turkey, bags to bag turkey meat, cooler for taking turkey home. (First-aid kit will be on site)

Depending all upon the movement of the birds you could just be out there for the morning hunt when coming out of the roost from 6-11. So pack a breakfast for morning an probably a lunch that will hold you over. No loud bags of food, try to quite food (sandwiches). Quite is the best key! 

We sometimes move to another area so make sure you have enough snacks or lunch to hold you over for dinner. (2-till dark) You want to be set up before they come back into roost! So please pack food accordingly. I promise you won't starve!

Wear really good walking shoes as we will have some walking distance and hills. We could possibly be hunting water ways or wet areas depending on where we put you! We have several different areas to hunt. 

There is also camp ground available down at Milltown Park. (2 miles from the hunting ground) It's for free, all though they do appreciate donations! A very nice area where you can bring fishing poles and make a good weekend out of the hunt. Let me know about camping I can save places! There are rooms available at the Dakota Horizinn motel (605) 928-3021. Let me know if need help finding a place. 

If there are any questions please contact at (605) 630-4090. Text message or voicemail will be best. You can email me at christinamae.25@gmail.com also. 

I am very excited about the hunt I can't wait to see you all there. Please contact me or let me know with any questions.  

I also want to add in that I love hunting turkeys probably one of my favorite animals to hunt. There are many different ways to hunt them hide behind a tree, in a blind, call them from across the field, and so many other ways. Please be aware they can see you blink in the blind! Trust me they can see you very well. Any shadows with in the blind will make them bolt! 

If you get your turkey wonderful! If you don't I would let you to stay one more day and we can try again!

Also if there are any women you can’t make it to this event I would still like you to invite you to another day that may work for you outside of outdoor women's. I would like to invite any archery to join me just not on the day of the event; this is just for shotguns May 7th 2016! 

Thank you and I can't wait to see you!  
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