Patient information leaflet for travellers from november 2011

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Please book your travel appointment well in advance because some vaccines require a three dose course over a month. We recommend that patients going on short trips (less than four weeks) book an appointment three weeks in advance. Those travelling greater than four weeks should book six weeks before travel.

Some travel consultations are complex and will require some vaccines that are paid for in advance. Please look below and decide if you need to fill in a risk assessment form or not. If you are not sure, please ask a member of staff.

You will need a standard double nurse appointment with no need for paperwork in advance if

  • You are only going to one country and

  • You are travelling for less than 1 month

  • Or you only want to discuss Malaria tablets

  • For example you are going to lower risk countries eg Turkey, Bangladesh, India, Caribbean, Egypt.

You will need to fill in a Risk Assessment Form which a nurse reviews before you make an appointment (allows nurse to check what you need, get patient specific directive signed, order any necessary vaccines) if:

  • You are going to more than one country

  • Or you are travelling for more than 1 month

  • You are going to higher risk countries eg most countries in Africa (especially Yellow Fever risk countries), Saudi Arabia (eg for the Haj), South America

Standard vaccines such as; diphtheria, polio, tetanus, hepatitis A and typhoid remain free of charge. Yellow fever, hepatitis B, Meningitis ACWY are stocked by the surgery but are chargeable. For Japanese encephalitis, rabies and tick-borne encephalitis, you will be given a private prescription to get the vaccine from the chemist and is chargeable to them.

Yellow Fever: £45 (required/recommended in much of Africa and South America)

Men ACWY: £25 (required for Haj in Saudi Arabia and recommended for much of Africa)

Hepatitis B: £20 x 3 doses (recommended for people travelling for >1 month)

Japanese Encephalitis: 2 doses (recommended for people travelling to rural parts of South East Asia > 4 weeks)

Rabies: 3 doses (recommended for people who longer periods to remote areas where there is no easy access to a hospital)

Tick-borne Encephalitis: 2 doses (recommended for those travelling to rural endemic areas)
Protection through malaria is given through tablets which are issued on a private prescription. There are a variety of different malaria tablets depending on where you are travelling to and for how long. It is advisable to look at the website to help you decide whether you will need malaria tablets for the country(s) you are visiting. This website can also give you general advice about the vaccines you may need and helpful information for your trip.

** Please note that we do not have the facility for accepting debit/credit cards, so please ensure that you do have cash for vaccines which are chargeable.

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