Paul Revere’s Day Book

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Paul Revere’s Day Book

As you read, Paul Revere did all of his arithmetic in a Day Book, which was like his journal. Create an entry for Paul Revere’s Day Book that includes the following transactions:

  1. Received order for 76 bells weighing 500 pounds each. He charges $0.42 per pound. How much is he owed?

  2. Received payment for one fourth of the bells. How much did he collect? How much remains to be paid?

  3. Sold 12 teapots for $1.23 each. How much did he collect? If each teapot cost $0.76 to make, how much profit did he make?

  4. Rang bells for Christ Church three times during the day and was paid $1.45 for each time. How much money did he earn?

Make sure you describe the thoughts Paul Revere may have had after such a busy day!
Download 28.5 Kb.

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