Practical counseling for individuals & couples Hi, my name is Roger Fritz, ms

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Practical counseling for individuals & couples....

Hi, my name is Roger Fritz, MS.

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This is me with my mom and dad.

WHO I AM: My name is Roger Fritz, MS. I'm 59 years old, and I've been a counselor for 25 years, off and on. My masters in counseling is from PSU.

WHAT I DO: I have a full-time private practice. My job is to help you find and maintain a good life. For most people the good life is within reach, but if it were obvious you'd have it already....

WHERE I AM: My private practice is located near downtown, at the corner of Stark and Grand in SE Portland, Oregon. Free parking is nearby. I'm on the #6 (MLK) busline.

HOW LONG A SESSION IS: You decide how long the session goes. Most people go about 1 or 2 hours. Some go as long as 3 or 4.

HOW MUCH A SESSION COSTS: The first session is free. It's a time to find out if you want to work with me. After that, sessions are on a sliding scale, with a minimum of $20 an hour. You decide where you belong on the scale.

HOW TO CONTACT ME: My email is and my phone is 503-234-0640. Feel free to call with questions, or to make appointments.

WHAT HAPPENS IN COUNSELING: We talk. You have a story, and I'm a good listener. I ask questions to help clarify. And after that we roll up our sleeves and do whatever needs to be done. Perhaps you need to learn skills, or heal from the past. Perhaps you need to build safety so your self can come out and play. Perhaps you need to develop self-care or self-hypnosis or self-defense. Perhaps you need to take action to get your needs met.... My job is to be your assistant, coach, confidant.

DID YOU GET YOUR LIFE MANUAL? You didn't? Then from me you get a free book called "I Know What To Do, I Just Don't Do It." It tells you the skills you need to master to be happy, and have good relationships, too.

I can offer my assistance with:


Are you feeling low in self worth? Are you confused or stressed? Second guessing yourself? Overwhelmed? Living in anxiety? Maybe you're depressed? Needs not getting met? Feeling unhappy? Haunted by past mistreatment? Stressed from current mistreatment? Lacking support? People have a natural right to an unshakeable self worth, and you need the good life as much as anyone....

For more on Self Worth Skills, click here:

For more on Self Care Skills, click here:


Do you long for a loving and supportive relationship, or want to transform the one you have into that? Perhaps you have actual conflict at home? Arguing, criticism or sarcasm, or even yelling, or shows of anger? Any relationship can be rejuvenated if both people are willing to learn to treat each other well....

For more on Relationship Skills, click here:


I've had clients tell me, "You're not like the counselors I've had before. They just listened and nodded." One thing that makes my approach different is that I check to see if you're missing skills, and if you are I help you learn them. We're lucky to live in a time when the skills one needs to be happy are known.

For more on Life Skills, click here:


If you base your self worth on anything that changes, you're asking for trouble. Worse. Begging for it.

You'd be amazed how many people are basing their self worth on success. And how many women base it on success in their relationships. And how many men base it on being in control. So when you fail you get a double whammy: you fail, and your self worth bottoms out too.

The solution is to make your self worth unshakeable. Fortunately, the tools to do that are available. It's a matter of months rather than weeks for most people, as it's usually a matter of changing some habits. The process is like a flower opening.

Once you've grounded your self worth, you'll want to create the good life. The first step is usually taking charge of the situation you're in. And for that, you'll need the skills to pull it off. Hence the importance of skills training....

If you're traumatized by a bad childhood, you'll need healing<FONT color = 9932cc> before the new skills can become comfortable. Very few had good childhoods, and most need some resolution....

To see more about:

Self Worth Skills, click here:

Self Care Skills, click here:

My Mom and Dad, about the time they got married.



I'm fond of couple counseling. It's such fun helping people build a good relationship. And almost anyone can do it. The only ones who can't seem to be men who can't give up shows of anger.

Premarital counseling:

Premarital counseling involves hearing both your stories, and helping you find clarity together. You air your complaints about each other, and what you want from each other, and what it takes for each person to feel loved. Sometimes there are skills that're missing and need to be learned: communication, assertiveness, negotiation, play, etc.... Perhaps the most important, by the way, are nurturing and play....

Relationship repair and rescue:

Sometimes couples are in crisis because there's yelling and fighting, criticism, name-calling.... Here's a relationship that needs repair. Peoples' hearts are good, but the connection can be quickly lost when we mistreat each other. Often it's because we were mistreated when we were young. Getting over old habits taught us in our childhoods can be hard. Not impossible, just hard. And easier when you have a sweetie's support...


To see more about:

Nurturing Skills, click here:

Communication Skills, click here:

Relationship Skills, click here:


There are three sets of skills everyone needs: self worth skills, friendliness skills and relationship skills. <p>

If you get good enough at SELF WORTH SKILLS, then you're safe from emotional collapse. During an emergency is the time you need your strength the most. If you have a great failure or loss, and your self worth collapses at the same time, your troubles are so much worse than they would have been. Creating a self worth that's unshakeable is a vital ingredient for resilient survival here on planet Earth.

If you get good enough at FRIENDLINESS SKILLS, then you're safe from other people. You can build positive relationships and maintain them. You can defend yourself from attack and abuse in such an artful way that the abuser is left confused. You can negotiate for win-win solutions. You can nurture others and make them feel loved.

If you get good enough at RELATIONSHIP SKILLS, then you're safe in intimate relationships. You can avoid hurting your sweetie, or being hurt, and you can get your needs met, while meeting theirs. You can share the satisfaction of companionship and teamwork, and yet be playmates at times, sharing this rich adventure of life. You can learn to see your lover as perfect, and you can make your home an oasis of peace and fun.

To learn more about :

Self Worth Skills, click here:

Friendliness Skills, click here:

Assertiveness Skills, click here:

Self Defense Skills, click here:

Resilience Skills, click here:

Welcome to life....

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