Practice at Home! S1 History Were the Romans good for Britain?

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Practice at Home! S1 History Were the Romans good for Britain?

  • Practice makes perfect. Stick this sheet in your jotter. Practice one of these each week.

  • This is also saved on the school website where the links are active so you can do it on your phone or at home.

  • Choose one from the grid below each week. Easier ones are at the top – harder ones below. You get more points for a harder one- challenge yourself!

  • Your teacher will mark using this grid – and will circle your next steps to improve.

Chronology: 3 points

What were the main events of the Roman empire?’

Make: 3 points

How great were Roman houses?

  • Collect a helpsheet

  • Or do online here:

  • Add 3+ labels to describe Roman houses!

Research: 3 points

Holiday to the Roman empire’

  • Collect as many snapshots of ancient Rome as you can.

  • Lay them out as a ‘mood board’ or a ‘photo album’

  • Label each one.

  • Explain why you chose them?

Describe / Explain / Research 5 pts

What was the most amazing Roman building?

  • Write 2+ paragraphs

  • Use the hamburger paragraph ‘statement, example, explain

  • Choose which building was most amazing

Describe: 4 points

A day in the life of a Roman’

  • Describe 10 + facts (names, dates, numbers)

  • Use Roman language (Latin words!)

  • Take us to 3 + different Roman places

  • Make us feel like we’re really there – use 1st person voice, speech etc

Describe / Explain: 4 points

Film review: ‘How good is the film’

  • Watch part of a film set in the Roman empire: Gladiator, Ben Hur etc

  • Describe 10+ things you see / hear / read

  • Explain: x3 – does the film tell us about Roman life?

  • Explain: is the film worth going to?

Describe: 4 points

Welcome to Roman sports channel!

  • Write / record the sports commentary for a chariot race, or a gladiator combat.

  • Include real Roman names

  • 10+ Roman facts

  • 5+ things must happen

  • sounds like a sports report

  • feels ‘of the time’ – (help sheet available)

Summarise: 5 points

What did the Romans do for us?

  • Google ‘BBC Romans technology’, or go to

  • Summarise in 100 words

  • 4+ important Roman technology inventions.

Research / Describe / Explain: 8 pts

Tour guide to the Roman Empire’

  • Make a tour leaflet / powerpoint / video (your teacher can give a model one)

  • It must take us to 6+ Roman places- describe them

  • Explain why an ancient Briton would want to see them

Describe / Explain / Conclude: 8 pts

Were the Romans good for Britain?

  • Draft your own practice essay / debate

  • Use Statement, example, explain

  • To write 2+ paragraphs

Explain / analyse: 8 points

How would the world be different without the Romans?

  • Think about: Latin language, buildings, law, weapons, technology, history etc.

  • Use counter-factual sentences: ‘if we hadn’t had ...Latin then...

Research / Link / Analyse: 8 points

Was the Roman empire the greatest ever?

  • What was the greatest empire: Size? People? In length of time it ruled? Battles? Fame?


  • present back to the class.

Download 19.68 Kb.

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