Registration Form 2014 Babe Ruth 13 14-15 Shirt Size: Circle One s m L xl hat Size: S/m m/l l/XL

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Snake River Valley Babe Ruth Baseball

SRV Elks Babe Ruth

Elks Lodge 1690

Registration Form 2014

Babe Ruth 13 14-15 Shirt Size: Circle One


Hat Size: S/M M/L L/XL
You must fill out one form for each player that is participating in SRV Elks Babe Ruth.

As a parent or legal guardian of _________________________________ I agree to pay the registration fee of $80+ fee online or $85 check/cash, which covers insurance, a shirt and a hat for each player. Registration fee must be paid before the player may participate in practice or games. Insurance will have a $100 deductible per incident.

Players Name: _____________________________________ Birth Date: ______________ Age: ________

Address: ______________________________________ City: ________________ Zip: _______________

Home Phone: _______________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________ Relationship: ____________________

Payment Type: Cash _______ amount

Check _______ amount

_______ Ck. Number

Would you or someone you know be interested sponsoring a player that has financial need? If yes, please fill in name and contact information. Name:_________________________ Phone: ____________________

Will you allow your child’s picture to be published on the league website? Yes No (please circle one)

Consent for Treatment

Please complete and sign the consent for treatment form below.
Player Name: _________________________________ Phone: _____________________

Home Address: ____________________________ City: ______________ State: _______

Family Physician: ________________________ Dr. Phone #: _____________________

List of allergies: ___________________________________________

Required Medications: ______________________________________

Blood Type: _________ Other Conditions: _______________________

League Insurance Policy #: ___________________________________

League Group Policy #: ______________________________________

In case of emergency or illness, I hereby authorize a representative of Babe Ruth Baseball

to use his/her judgment in obtaining immediate medical care.
Date: ___________________ Signature: ____________________________________________
(Parents will be notified in case of serious illness or injury, but this consent will allow for immediate treatment.)

Download 9.98 Kb.

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