Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations
1. Time Limit/Game Length – The official scorer (home team scorer) shall record the official start time in the scorebook according to the umpire’s watch or game clock. No new inning shall begin after the time limit has passed. If an inning starts within the time limit, it must be finished to the extent the outcome of the game may be affected.

  • Time Limit - 2 hours for all games

  • If time permits, regulations games will be 7 innings per game

2. Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Rules shall be used at all times, except in any circumstances when said rules are in direct conflict with posted South Orlando Babe Ruth Rules. In such case, SOBR shall supersede Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Rules. Any protest situation must be resolved before continuation of play. Umpire shall be informed of nature of protest and a Board Member shall be sought to rule on protest. The Board Member is permitted to seek advice of other board members or officials as he or she determines is necessary to resolve protest, including by telephone conference. Only Rules Questions may be protested. Judgment calls can never be protested.

3. Mercy Rule - The game will end via 10 run rule when one team leads by 10 or more runs at the end of 4 ½ innings or 5 innings if the home team is behind.

  • 4 ½ innings complete if home team ahead (Visitors must bat 4 times)

  • 5 innings complete if home team behind (Both team have batted 5 times)

4. Official Scorebooks for Major league will be stored in the Concession Stand and must be returned to Stand immediately after games.

5. Weather decisions on field condition, games being played, halting a game or completion of a game shall be made by three of the four following people according to their of availability at the time.

  • President/Major Director

  • Head Umpire

  • Home Team Coach

  • Visiting Team Coach

6. Games halted by weather will be considered complete if at least:

  • 3 ½ innings complete if home team ahead (Visitors must bat 4 times)

  • 4 innings complete if home team behind (Both team have batted 4 times)

Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth rules 4.10, 4.11 & 4.12 shall apply to halted games (as adjusted above for 6 inning games)

All halted playoff games shall be considered suspended games

7. Balks will be called in every game. First balk to a pitcher will be a warning for the first two weeks of each season. Next and all others will be called and enforced per Babe Ruth Rulebook.

8. Head first slides are permitted going to a base, EXCEPT HOME PLATE. Head first slide into home will result in runner being called out and ball/play is dead.

9. Players must avoid contact. (Avoiding contact is umpire discretion) If contact is made between a fielder attempting to make a tag with the ball and runner fails to slide, as determined by the umpire, this will result in the runner being called out and ball/play is dead.

10. Catchers must have proper catcher’s equipment (including protective cup).

11. All pitching signs must be delivered to the pitcher only through the catcher. First offense will result in a warning to the manager. Each offense after the first will result in a balk being called.

12. On deck batters are permitted in the on deck circle and must be in the circle to the back of the batter.

13. Managers and coaches are permitted to coach 1st and 3rd base. Players are also allowed should the manager choose to do so. Players must wear a helmet when coaching a base.

14. Coaches may warm up pitchers. Players warming up pitchers must wear a mask.

15. Pitching will be according to SOBR Baseball Rules. Refer to Pitching Rules.

16. When a player is injured and cannot run, the last batted out shall take his place

17. If a game is tied, extra innings will be played if there is 15 minutes or more remaining on the game clock, otherwise the game is declared a tie.

18. Players shall not wear jewelry.

19. In the event of injury, immediate medical attention shall be given and the player shall be taken to the emergency room if necessary. Major Director and League President shall be contacted immediately. Coaches should always have Consent for Treatment forms on hand for each player.

20. Infield Fly rule shall apply.

21. Any player bleeding during a game shall be removed until the bleeding has stopped and a bandage applied.

22. A game must start with 9 players, but can finish with no less than 8 players.

23. Players must remain in the dugout during games.

• Exception: Trips to bathroom or water fountain – one at a time.

24. Dress Code - The League furnishes each player with a hat, shirt, and socks. Uniform shirts will be tucked in and hats worn with hat bill facing forward. Per Babe Ruth rule 1.1, all players shall wear a uniform of like color, trim and style. SOBR has waived this rule in rare instances to allow players to play. Abuse of the exception to the uniform rule will be brought to the attention of the Board. Players shall make every attempt to play in uniform, including replacing lost uniform at their expense. Dress Code rule does not apply to call up players (see Rule 34 below).

25. Official scorebooks shall be kept and returned to the concession stand at the end of each game.

26. No metal cleats.

27. Behavior of players, managers, coaches and spectators will be according to the SOBR Code of Conduct.

28. Players or coaches ejected from a game will automatically sit the next game.

29. The batting order shall be the entire roster in attendance at the game. (i.e. the entire team must be in order with no substitutions). Late arrivals shall be added to the end of the batting order. Players will be alternated in the field each inning so that no child is to be off the field for two consecutive innings unless injured.

30. Dropped third strike by the catcher is a live ball according to Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Rule 6.09(b).

31. Ball Buckets – Each team is permitted 1 (one) ball bucket on the field. It must be placed within 2 feet of the dugout fence in such a way to minimize any interference with the game. Ball bucket shall be considered part of the field of play.


33. Legal Bats – See Bat Rules below

34. Call up players:

  • Coaches will identify call up players to the umpire at the plate meeting.

  • Must bat last in the order.

  • Can only play in the outfield unless more than 3 players are needed to field 9 positions.

  • Must wear the uniform shirt of their original team so that the umpires throughout the game can identify them.

  • May never pitch.

Penalty – if batting anywhere but last in the order it will be the same penalty as batting out of order. The coach will then be given the opportunity to make the adjustment to the batting order for the call up player(s) only.

Ejection - If a batter is ejected or if he leaves without previous notice he will be an out when his turn to bat comes up

If a player must leave early both coaches can agree to allow his place in the batting order to be skipped. This arrangement must be agreed upon and communicated to the umpire prior to the start of the game.

SOBR Baseball Pitching Rules

MAJOR League:

1. Pitching week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

2. Pitching limitations: Each pitcher can pitch up to 6 (six) innings per week

3. An inning consists of the pitcher throwing at least one (1) pitch to a batter once the umpire has returned the game into play.

4. Pitcher may pitch any number of innings in a game until the week limit has been reached.

5. Any pitcher pitching more than 2 (two) innings in a game must have 48 hours rest until they are eligible to pitch again.

6. Upon 2 (two) trips to the mound by a coach in the same inning with the same pitcher - manager must remove the pitcher from the mound and the pitcher is ineligible to return as pitcher for that game.

7. Any and all pitchers that have not been removed by two (2) trips to the mound in the same inning may re-enter the game in any inning.

8. Pitching rules broken will result in the pitcher being removed from the game, and will be an out when his number in the batting order come up. The head coach is automatically removed from the game as well.

9. The Pitcher must pitch ball when issuing an intentional walk.

Bat Rules:

11-12 y.o. – The bat may not exceed 33” in length nor exceed 2 & 1/4” in diameter. Only 2 & ¼” barrel non-wood bats marked BPF 1.15 will be allowed. Wood 2 & 1/4” barrel bats are allowed.


If the illegal bat is discovered prior to a batter completing his “at bat” the bat is simply removed from play and the “at bat”continues.

A player who uses an illegal bat or non-conforming barrel dimension and hits a fair ball will be ruled out. No advancement on the bases will be allowed and any outs during the play shall stand. This is an appeal play. The “at bat” will be considered legal once a pitch is thrown to the next batter.

Any bat discovered prior to the game that does not conform to the above rule shall be directed to be removed immediately and not be allowed for use during the game. If the bat is used during the game the illegal bat rule applies and the coach receives a warning. If it happens a second time the batter and coach are ejected.

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