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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit


Youth Office - Ronda de Buenavista, 47 - 45071-TOLEDO -

Telephone: 925 288971 - E-mail:

Provincial Delegation of Guadalajara - Travesнa Fernando de

Beladiez, s/n. - 19071-GUADALAJARA - Telephone: 949 888872

Azuqueca de Henares Town Hall - Telephone: 949-348032

School ґVirgen de la Soledadґ - Telephone: 949 261989.

Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Alliance Spain SVIGA051 ARCH 16.07.2008 30.07.2008 25-30


Code: SVIGA051 Year: 2008


Location: Castro De Rei (Castro De Rei)

Address: Youth Hostel Complex ґLugґ

Project: ARCH - Archaeology

Initial Date: 16-07-2008 Final Date: 30-07-2008

Min Age: 25 Max Age: 30 Places: 6

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Galicia. Province of Lugo.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- Archaeological intervention: restoration

of infrastructures and materials that allow us to know the

habitat and the way of life in this site. Archaeological planes,

drawings, photographs’ materials treatment and consolidation of

the structures and materials in the way to preserve them.

Introduction to the “castro’s culture” and to the archaeological


COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES.- Leisure activities: trekking routes,

Sports activities like canoeing…

Cultural activities to know Galicia (Caurel’s Sierra, Ribeira

Sacra, Lugo’s coast, “Terras do Miсo” Biosphere Reserve”).

Aerial view of Lugo city and its surroundings. (It will be

conditional to the weather and availability of planes).

ACCOMMODATION/FOOD.- Participants will be accommodated in the

Youth Hostel Complex “Lug”, located in 2-4 Pintor Corredoira

Street, Lugo city (ph. +34 982 220 450 and +34 982 280432).

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by specialized


Volunteers will be picked up by bus everyday from the youth

hostel to the place of work.

LOCATION.- The Viladonga archaeological site (Castro de

Viladonga) has always stood out on the landscape due to its

monumental character. The settlement is positioned on the summit

of a hillock and has an ample panoramic view of the Terra Chб

territory and the Monciro, Pradorio, an Meira sierras. The

territory belongs to the Castro de Rey municipality and it is

located at a distance of 23 km of the city of Lugo (117 km from

Monforte de Lemos, 126 km away from Ourense and 162 km from

Santiago de Compostela).

The Viladonga site is considered as a formal model of an inland

Castro settlement. The fort has various ramparts and ditches,

which protect the two “antecastros” and other extensive areas.

Recovered objects as well as the settlement’s defensive and

residential estructures provide evidence of a vastly prolonged

occupation, especially significant between the end of 2nd and the

5th centuries AD; therefore, Viladonga is a singular and key

settlement for the study and comprehension of the Romanization

period, which represents a decisive chapter of Galicia’s history.

The Castro and the Museum besides display in a pleasant and

didactic manner the heritage and the culture of Viladonga site.

NOTE: This workcamp has no access for physical disabled people.


By plane: ( Ph. +34 902 404 704

Santiago de Compostela airport. Ph. + 34 981 547 501

A Coruсa airport. Ph. +34 981 187 200

Vigo airport. Ph. +34. 986 268 200

By road

- Service Santiago-Lugo. Company: FREIRE (

Ph. +34 982 220 300

- Service Monforte-Lugo. Company: MONBUS ( Ph. +34

902 292 900

- Service A Coruсa-Lugo. Company: ARRIVA ( Ph.

+34 902 277 482

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