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Complete the following information using the:

1. Vision video clips

2. Textbook information:

- Brother vs. Brother - 460 and 463

- Union Soldiers: - 479

- Confederate Soldiers - 478-479

3. Library books

- #1 Killer of soldiers: Civil War - 22

- Union Soldiers: Civil War - 74

- Confederate Soldiers: Civil War - 78



1. What was the major killer of soldiers during the war? Disease - lack of sterilization of wounds


1. Describe discrimination faced by African American’s in the Union Army

a. Pay : paid less than white soldiers

b. Leadership: Who led them / who was in charge?

Commanded by white officers - no black officers

c. What was the makeup of their unit : How many different races / kinds of people made up their companies?

All black regiments; segregated; no mixed

d. Were African Americans able to fight in the Union Army, and if so - when? Enlisted during the war - not at the beginning

2. Describe conditions for the Union Soldiers.

a. What was their clothing like?

Well supplied with uniforms and boots - factories were in the north

b. What was their food like?

Good supply of food - plentiful farm land that was not damaged by war


1. Describe conditions for the Confederate Soldiers:

a. What was their clothing like?

Many confederates wore their own clothe - lack of supplies towards the end of the war

b. What was their food like?

Lack of crops (damaged) to sustain army - had to invade the North to try to acquire more food

2. What were the ages of the Confederate Soldiers as the war went on?

As the war went on, Southern troops became increasingly younger

3. What were the supplies of the Confederate Soldiers like as the war went on?

As the war went on, Southern troops became more poorly equipped and clothed


1. What was combat like in the civil war?

Combat was brutal and often man-to-man

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