The Golden Age of Athens

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Ancient Greece- Part 4

The Golden Age of Athens

Following the Persian War, Athens experienced a period of growth and prosperity known as the Golden Age of Athens.

The leader of Athens at this time was a man named Pericles.

Pericles rebuilt the city following its destruction during the Persian War

Rebuilt many of Athens’ most famous buildings, including the Parthenon

Extended democracy so most Athenian males could participate in government

During the Golden Age of Athens the city experienced growth in philosophy, science, medicine, architecture, literature, history, and art.

Because this all happened under Pericles’ leadership, sometimes the time period is called the Golden Age of Pericles.

The Parthenon

A temple dedicated to the patron Goddess of Athens, Athena, the Parthenon was destroyed during the invasion of Athens during the Persian War

Following the victory against Persia, Pericles ordered the rebuilding of the Parthenon


Greek architecture is renowned for its use of large, stately columns in construction.

There are three types of columns typically used in Greek architecture, Doric (found at the Parthenon), Ionic, and Corinthian

Doric (Draw one to the right)

Doric columns are the most simple, and found on the Parthenon

They are simply squared off at the top.

Ionic (Draw one to the right)

Ionic columns are topped with something resembling circular scrolls

Corinthian (Draw one to the right)

Corinthian columns are most elaborate types of columns, adorned with leaves and scrolls

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