Title: nato and the Warsaw Pact

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Course: Global Studies

Grade Level: 9

Title: NATO and the Warsaw Pact

Lesson Summary: Students need to be able to understand the significance of the forming of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Warsaw Pact following World War II. The students should be able to draw connections between this alliance and those made during World War I and World War II.
Estimated Lesson Duration: 1 day


  1. Schedule time in the media center’s computer lab.

  2. Divide the students in the class into pairs.

  3. Either inform the students to meet you in the computer lab or in your classroom (if in the classroom, you will need to take into consideration travel time to the media center).

Instructional Procedures:

  1. Handout copies of the pre-test to the students in the class (allot about 5-7 minutes for students to complete the pre-test).

  2. Collect the copies of the pre-test.

  3. Inform the students of whom their partner is for the historical scavenger hunt.

  4. introduction of database to the student by the Media Specialist. (10 minutes)

  5. Pass out the copies of the scavenger hunt and allow the students to be instructed on how to use the databases by the media specialist.

  6. Allow the students to navigate the assignment using the “Scavenger Hunt” worksheet. (25 minutes including the map).

  7. Once the students are done with the map, review the information from the front and backside of the scavenger hunt as a class. (10 minutes)

  8. For homework, have the students review their scavenger hunt sheets and complete the map if not already done.

  9. Tomorrow, pass out the post-test for the bellwork.

Differentiated Instructional Support: As the teacher, you can enhance or condense portions of this lesson as you see fit for the needs of your students.

Extension: This resource of Britannica Online can be used for further assignments or as an independent re-teaching resource.

Materials/Resources Needed:

Key Vocabulary:

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

  • Warsaw Pact

Students should already be familiar with:

  • United Nations

  • Iron Curtain

  • Containment

  • Satellite Nations

  • Truman Doctrine

  • Marshall Plan

Technology Connections: This lesson will make use of the resources within the INFOhio database of Britannica Online.


  • Copies of the Pre/Post test (See attached)

  • Copies of the Scavenger Hunt (See Attached)

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