Unit 7 The Roaring Twenties (2 weeks) Big Picture Questions: What challenges faced Americans as they adjusted to peace following wwi?

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Unit 7 The Roaring Twenties (2 weeks)
Big Picture Questions:

What challenges faced Americans as they adjusted to peace following WWI?




Immigration Acts


Red Scare

Palmer Raids

J Edgar Hoover

Sacco and Vanzetti case

How did the three republican presidents of the 1920s change the economic landscape and how did they differ from the previous progressive presidents?

Laissez-faire policies

Warren Harding

“return to normalcy”

Washington Naval Conference

World Court

Teapot Dome Scandal

Calvin Coolidge

“the business of America is business”

Herbert Hoover

“Rugged Individualism”

What factors were the most responsible for the prosperity of the 1920s?

Henry Ford

Model T

Assembly Line

Glenn Curtis

Mass Consumption

Buying on credit


Uneven prosperity

To what extent did the urban-rural conflict over social values, both real and imagined, bring about changes in American politics and society in the 1920s?


Frances Willard

Eighteenth Amendment

Organized crime

Twenty-first Amendment

Scopes “Monkey” Trial

William Jennings Bryan

Clarence Darrow

Immigration Acts


Charles Davenport

Social Darwinism

To what extent did new values encourage greater openness and self-expression in the 1920s? How do these new values conflict with some of the values studied previously?


Sigmund Freud

Tin Pan Alley

“Lost Generation”

Sinclair Lewis

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Great Migration

Harlem Renassance

Langston Hughes

Alain Locke

Countee Cullen

Zora Neale Hurston

Marcus Garvey

Back to Africa movement

Charles Lindbergh

Instructional Focus: The unit begins by addressing the issues America faced following WWI. We then move on to concentrate on the three republican presidents of the 1920s, examining their policies and how they favored the growth of business and prosperity in the 1920s. Attention should also be paid as to how some of these policies may have ultimately led to the Great Depression. Other factors that led to the prosperity of the 1920s should be examined such as the rise of the automobile, more efficient production techniques, and the age of mass consumption. Special attention also needs to be paid in this unit to conflicting values in the 1920s, such as conservatism v. liberalism, rural v. urban, religion v. science. Many social and cultural changes occurred in America during the 1920s and these changes to women, African-Americans, and on the cultural landscape should be explored. This is a great opportunity to incorporate music, such as “Give my regards to Broadway”, and present samples of some of the poems of writers such as, Langston Hughes, or short excerpts from novels such as, A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway, also tie it into the Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald which many juniors have read in their English classes.
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3083 -> Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were charged with, and convicted of

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