What Causes Job Vacancies to Occur?

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What Causes Job Vacancies to Occur?

The labour market is a dynamic, always flexible, ever changing area. Vacancies may occur for the following reasons:

  1. An employee may be discharged for unsatisfactory work or failure to get along with others.

  2. An employee may die.

  3. An employee may retire, or resign to start in business, or take a job elsewhere.

  4. An employee may be away from work because of illness or accident or a vacation period and this may create a temporary vacancy.

  5. An employee may be promoted to a higher position and reshuffling of staff may mean there will be a job vacancy.

  6. An increase in the demand for products or services offered by a company or other organization may mean that the staff will have to be increased.

  7. A new organization has been established and so staff is required.

  8. A change in work procedures and/or equipment may create openings for individuals who have special combinations of skill and training.

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